Dremel 8220 vs. 4000 & 4300: Breaking the Three-Way Deadlock!

Be honest with me here, would you consider your arsenal “Complete” without getting a rotary tool for yourselves? I know you won’t. No handyman would. That’s why we need to choose from the best brands and machines available.

Herein comes Dremel! This little brand is well-known for its innovations when it comes to handheld rotary tools. In fact, it’s my “Go To” brand for these devices.

You might ask, “Why?”

Well, have you seen their repertoire of devices? Let me point fingers. Beginning from Dremel 4000… portable yet powerful Dremel 4300, and Cordless Dremel 8220… these three are awesome. I would tell my readers to get each one if I could.

But as it happens… we are limited by budget. That’s why we need to pick one of these three. Which one? Well, let’s do a Dremel 8220 vs. 4000 and 4300. I’ll do a detailed rant on their features, benefits, and perks. Then, it’s up to you to pick your tool.

Dremel 8220 vs. 4000 & 4300 : Comparison Chart

FeaturesDremel 4000Dremel 4300Dremel 4300
Lock typeEZ twistJaw chuckEZ twist
Motor RPM5k - 35k5k - 35k5k-30k
Pivoting Light NoYesNo
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Dissecting Dremel Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt rotary tool kit

This is one of the most popular tools around for the budget you have. In fact, I’d go as far as saying, “This rotary tool kit belongs to the upper echelon of Dremel Accessories.” Now, I’m not joking one bit. You’d get a powerful motor with variable rpm at its core to begin with.

Dremel 8220

Speaking of the motor, it gives you 5000 to 30000 rpm when you need it to. Of course, you can adjust things via a speed controller. Now, I see many of the users telling me, “What do we need it for? Is that much RPM range even necessary?” I’d say, “Hold on.”

With this tool at the helm, you can carve up wood, a bit of steel, and softer furniture as well. That’s not the end of it. Feel free to do some engraving if you like.

People will be able to do some sanding and cutting as well (not like dedicated sanding machines). Yeah, endless possibilities indeed.

I’ve not arrived at the coolest part yet. Dremel gives you the rare chance of replacing motor brushes if you want. This will allow users to run some maintenance and troubleshooting if and when things go bad for us. The replacement parts won’t cost us a fortune.

When the tool is at work, it’ll signal the users by flashing an LED worklight. Crafty Dremel guys even put in a mechanism for us to gauge if the device is overheated or not. When it is, all three indicators on battery will flash. It’s time to put the tool to rest until it cools down.

This is a cordless rotary tool to boot. Yes, you won’t have to face the hassle of tangled wires. Instead, I liked the 12V battery as it charges up quickly to deliver maximum performance whenever I needed it to. The battery needs about an hour to be fully juiced up.

Don’t worry, people will have as many as three lights to indicate how much juice your battery has. When two of these lights flash, it has 50% juice. When all three flash together, the battery is completely charged.

Since the battery is made of Lithium-ions, you will have fast charging (duh). Also, this thing will not suffer from any memory effects. But I can’t tell you about the exact runtime of the tool. This depends on the type of job you’re taking it on, the accessories it’s handling, etc.

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Add 28 accessories and one attachment to the machine and it’s a complete tool-kit suitable for job assignments as well. The one attachment I spoke of earlier is a 3-jaw-chuck. It can take in all sorts of attachments (even those you need to buy as extras).

People can switch between different parts and bits of the tool thanks to a nice design improvement. The users will have access to an EZ twist cap.

They’ll have to twist the cap (duh) and the accessory will come off. Just set another one in its place and twist it the opposite way. New accessory will lock securely in place.

The hard-plastic body really makes our tool lightweight. Add to the fact that the users have a 360-degree ergonomic grip. This baby can push itself in some really tight spaces when people need it to. It’s the ideal tool for metal-workers, welders, and carpenters.

The entire package comes encased in a hard-plastic briefcase. It keeps the device protected against damages and makes the unit waterproof as well. It’s easy to carry for people looking for a portable rotary tool for their jobsites.

Things I Liked in this Rotary Tool

  • People can adjust the RPM count of this machine, it’s useful when working with plastic that requires low RPM settings.
  • This thing is lightweight in its own right. Yet, it maintains sufficient weight to be durable and damage-resistant.
  • Make no mistake, this is one POWERFUL tool. It handles carving, cutting, and sanding pretty well for the price range.
  • You have an on/off and a speed control switch to regulate the power.
  • This is a cordless machine. This means, you won’t have to worry about faulty or tangled wires at all. The battery is top-notch as well

Things I Didn’t Like in this Rotary Tool

  • If I go by my friends and a selection of Dremel users, the company could’ve supplied us with better and more accessories.

Putting Dremel 4000-4/34 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit to the Test

The basic rule of doing a three-way comparison such as Dremel 8220 vs. 4000 vs. 4300 is putting all three rotary tools through intense usage and then coming up with an analysis.

Dremel 4000

It’s anything but your average session, trust me. Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to look into Dremel 4000 under the knife. Let’s see what secrets it holds within.

Let me say this first up: This tool is not an average run-of-the-mill machine. Use it well enough and you’ll discover its gems. Dremel 4000 is a capable sanding tool, a cutting machine, and nifty little carving device as well. it’s good at engraving too.

I asked the salesman himself, “Why is it so good?” The good chap told me that this little tool packs in as many as thirty different bits to go with the attachment. The attachment and tools can be set up using an EZ twist cap. Just twist it and they’ll lock into place.

Like all Dremel rotary machines, this too has a competent motor with a variable speed. The users will be able to play with RPM counts beginning from 5000 to 35000. This makes it easy on them when they want to handle plastic, lightweight metal, and wood with this device.

I noticed the fact that Dremel 4000 comes with a quiet motor. It won’t wake my neighbors up when I’m working at a job site or tinkering around my house (thankfully).

I have to thank the unique ventilation system with improved airflow for it. The system keeps the motor cool at all times as well. Also, your grip won’t be hampered by it.

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Try as hard as they may but the users won’t be able to overheat this thing. There’s a circuitry system in place that tells us when it’s about to overheat. It’ll shut down automatically without causing any fuss or disturbances to our work.

Remember I mentioned the “Grip” a few moments ago? Well, it comes with a 360-degree ergonomic grip to make sure we do our jobs comfortably. No matter what you do, the tool won’t tire out your hands. Not even if you hold it at an awkward angle.

The whole thing comes packed in a “Hard Plastic” case for us to take advantage of. Don’t be deterred by “Hard Plastic.” This briefcase is durable to say the least. The tool (and all the bits and accessories) is waterproof as well.

Dremel 4000 is not cordless like it’s cousin Dremel 8220. It runs on electricity. This is not what I have issue with. Rather, it runs on 120V and 120V ONLY. I won’t be able to work with this product outside US boundaries. It’s a bummer if you ask me.

Things I Liked in this Rotary Tool

  • This machine comes with as many as 30 different bits to facilitate numerous jobs.
  • The motor is greatly improved compared to previous models with variable speeds.
  • The ergonomic handle allows us to rotate the machine without sacrificing comfort.
  • No matter how long you work with this machine, it remains cool thanks to the air ventilation system in place.
  • There’s an electric circuitry system in place to keep it from malfunctioning due to overheating. It’s convenient to say the least

Things I Didn’t Like in this Rotary Tool

  • This little machine is only good when working with a 120V connection inside the US.

Putting Dremel 4300 Rotary Tool Under the Knife

For all newbies on my website, I’ve done a separate Dremel 4000 vs Dremel 4300 comparison article in the recent past. There, I’ve discussed the features of this tool in detail. Even then, for the sake of this article… let’s go over the benefits one more time in brief.

Dremel 4300

The 4300 rotary tool comes with as many as five different attachments that you can set up with the machine. There’s an EZ twist cap here as well (just like the 8220 and 4000 variants of the tool). I twisted it and the 3-jaw chuck came off. I set the new attachment with accessories for testing and twisted it back. It’s THAT easy. Trust me.

As usual, the motor gives us multiple RPM levels to work with (5000 to 35000). This tool can handle sanding, carving, cutting, engraving, polishing, and grinding on all types of materials.

Like its predecessor on today’s list, this one runs on electricity as well. It runs on 1.8amps. Considering the Amp count, it won’t even put a scratch on your electricity bills. People can work for hours without considering extra bucks for bills or strain on the machine.

I was pleasantly surprised with all the grinding stones and additional supplies I got from the package. Thanks to the grinding stones, people will be able to cut and engrave on porcelain items as comfortably as on hard materials like epoxy. Versatility at its peak!

Get Dremel 4300 at Amazon

The makers instilled a system that provides us users with constant feedback of what’s happening when we’re running the tool. The feedback system tells users when the tool is overheating and cannot work anymore. This is a nifty addition if you ask me.

The handle is ergonomic as usual. The 360-dgree grip doesn’t put strains on your wrists. Dremel 4300 comes with a pivoting light. It illuminates the area we’re polishing, carving, or sanding for that matter. Now people have a perfect tool to work with low light situations.

Things I Liked in this Rotary Tool

  • Multi-speed motor works like a charm on different gigs. It’s quiet as well.
  • I loved five attachments and the different bits that can be attached with them.
  • Thanks to the motor, this tool performs great with hard, soft, and delicate materials.
  • 3-jaw chuck is perfect when you want to fit in and get rid of different bits fast.
  • I loved the gripping system and the pivoting light which you can adjust according to your needs.

Things I Didn’t Like in this Rotary Tool

  • You’ll notice a plastic thread keeping the bits and accessories together. It’ll gradually wear out and need to be replaced.

Similarities Between Dremel 8220 and Dremel 4000

Now, hold on! I know, the purpose of the article is to do a three-way battle between Dremel 8220 vs 4000 & 4300. Yet, I’m gunning for similarities between these two models. This will help us in narrowing down the field of differences that these have. Let’s get to it then!

  • Both of these tools are portable. Yes, Dremel 8220 is cordless and the other one is corded. Even then, people can carry these things anywhere they want within a short time. This is due to the briefcase the products are packaged in.
  • Both of these products are lightweight yet durable. You can expect them to be water-resistant AND damage-proof at the same time. I’d say, these tools are worthy of your investment. Specially, around this Christmas and Holiday season.
  • Both of these machines have ergonomic grips. The users won’t face any problem while turning their wrists and working with difficult angles when carving, cutting, and sanding various surfaces. Yes, even delicate ones like plastic, wood, and wax.
  • Both of these machines feature a quiet motor. The motor is fit for day-to-day tinkering (they won’t wake your neighbors up) and professional jobs.
  • Dremel 8220 and 4000 both variants feature a 3-jaw chuck and EZ twist knob. The knob makes it easy for people to fit in different attachments and accessories.

Dremel 8220 vs Dremel 4000 – Comparing the Two Machines

Now that we’ve looked into the similarities, it’s time to see where these two devices differ in terms of capacity, operating method, and performance as a whole. Buckle up for a smooth ride people! You’re gonna enjoy it to bits.

Corded vs. Cordless Operation

As you know by now, Dremel 8220 is a cordless machine while Dremel 4000 isn’t. Now, corded rotary tools have their benefits. But the cordless ones will give you better angles to work with and greater versatility in terms of carrying it around.

Also, cordless rotary devices don’t consume electricity that much. It helps when you’re looking to save up some bucks annually. People need to charge up the battery and that’s it.

However, I must say that the runtime of the Lithium-ion battery could have been a bit longer considering this is a mid-range rotary tool from Dremel.

Subtle Differences in Motor Capacity

Yes, I know… Both the motors are quiet. That’s not why I made this point. The point is, you’ll have subtle difference in the RPM count. To be more precise, Dremel 8220 comes with the “High” RPM limit of 30000 while the 4000 variant comes with 35000.

The lower limit is the same for both the machines. It’s 5000 RPM.

People will not notice the limit that much when working with delicate objects like plastic and porcelain. When you’re using these things for high-speed tasks, the difference shows ever so slightly. Depending on which surface you’re using it on, you might even notice a whirring noise in case of Dremel 4000.

Which Tool Provides Better Performance for People

This is a tough thing to decide. A good chunk of “Performance” depends on how well you handle these machines. Also, where are you using your stuff.

However, I’ll tell you this… Dremel 8220 Cordless Rotary Tool slacks off a bit when the chips are down. You’ll need to charge it back up to make it work. The users will have to go through 1-hour charging period once the battery is depleted.

Dremel 4000 excels here by a hair’s length. It’s a corded device and takes up 1.2 amps of power to function. Yes, you’re sacrificing a few bucks in electricity bills. But people will get a constant output from the machine. It won’t suddenly turn off in the middle of the job.

Similarities Between Dremel 8220 and 4300

Since we discussed the similarities between the 8220 and 4000 rotary tools, it’s only fair to do the same for Dremel 4300 and 8220 as well. Without further ado, let’s get to the topic at hand and discuss what these tools have in common.

  • As expected, the motor is similar in both the tools. It’s quiet and does the job when people require it to. I loved the fact that the housing is compact as well.
  • The briefcase you carry these tools in, is similar as well. It’s well cushioned. The briefcase guards the motor, attachments, and accessories against damages. It makes the tools waterproof as well. One can take them out for work during rainy days.
  • As expected, the gripping system (or the handle) is similar in both the tools. You’ll have access to 360-degree gripping for better control over the tools. Rest assured, your wrists won’t get tired from overworking.
  • Both of these tools feature a mechanism to prevent them from overheating. In Dremel 8220’s case, the indicators on battery will flash. Dremel 4300 comes with a circuitry system that shuts the machine off when it overheats.

Dremel 8220 vs. 4300 – Which Tool Comes on Top?

Let’s do a comparison between the two tools and see which one wins. Now, I won’t go too deep into the discussion. Only bullet points will have to do for now. That’s because we already know the basic differences from the reviews I put up.

  • The basic difference between the two tools is the mechanism to connect attachments and bits. Dremel 8220 features a 3-Jaw Chuck while its competitor features an EZ twist Cap for the job. Working with a chuck is easier.
  • You’ll have a separate speed control switch with the 8220. Dremel 4300 did some improvements on the design. It’s somewhat protected and doesn’t cause a fuss when working. I’d prefer Dremel 8220 over its predecessor though.
  • The 8220 is better at handling power. Yes, Dremel 4300 is powerful. But it gets too hot to handle when the machine is overheated.
  • One bit of design impediment that pushes Dremel 4300 back is the fact that the cooling fan is at the front. This will make operations a tiny bit difficult compared to the cordless model.
  • You’d need 1.8 amps of power to make sure Dremel 4300 functions properly. The 8220 variant is cordless. You’ll have constant power with the earlier model. Not so much with the latter. 8220 tool from Dremel has the chance of stopping mid-job.
  • I think the Dremel 4300 tool is a tad bit bigger in size than the 8220 variant.

So, what’s next? I know! You guys are waiting for a duel between Dremel 4300 and Dremel 4000, right? Well, I’ve done a comparison article between these tools in the past. I don’t want to bore you to death by stating what I already put there. Go and have a look!

Let’s End Our Chatter Here, Shall We?

So, here ends my article on Dremel 8220 vs. 4000 and 4300. As you can see, we’re splitting hairs here. There’s not much to go on when pitting two tools against each other in Dremel 4000 vs. 4300 battle. Both tools run on electricity and have near-identical features.

When Dremel 8220 joins the fray, things are a bit different. There’s an obvious difference in how the machine operates (cordless, anyone?). Yet, there’s not a lot to say when it comes to power and precision. That’s why it comes down to preference.

I mean, get the cordless tool if you want a bit more freedom. However, remember the fact that you’ll have to stock up on battery juice.

Get either Dremel 4300 or 4000 if you prefer constant power and are good with tool handling. My vote? It goes to the latter model of the 4000 series when comparing both.

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