Dremel 4000 vs. 3000: Which One Should You Pick?

Rotary tools are little pieces of wonder themselves. People who love themselves DIY projects and do a bit of tinkering with wood or welding here and there, know their way around these machines.

These things come with lots of accessories and attachments that we use to drill holes, polish, clean, do a bit of sanding, and in grinding objects. But there’s a catch! You must know your way around these tools. Thankfully, you’ll find reviews aplenty on the internet discussing these machines.

Most users will agree to the fact that Dremel should be anyone’s top preference while choosing rotary tools. Go a bit deeper into your research and you’ll find Dremel 4000 and 3000 models sticking out.

However, which one of these machines would you pick? This is where things get a bit complicated. You’ll find that things are peachy on both sides of the river with numerous benefits. Yes, there are drawbacks as well. It can become hectic for people just to put a finger on a device for their needs.

This is where I come in my friend. I’ll be able to guide you through the jungle. In this article, I’ll be doing Dremel detailed 4000 vs. Dremel 3000 comparison to see which of the two mammoths with a head-to-head bout in terms of power, performance, accessory count, and convenience.

A Quick Comparison

FeaturesDremel 4000Dremel 3000
Amp Count1.6 (greater power)1.2
Wattage Count175 watts130 Watts
Does it Have Electric FeedbackYes, It DoesNo, It Doesn’t
Number of SpeedsVariableVariable
How Do You Change Accessories?Through EZ Twist Nose CapThrough EZ Twist Nose Cap
Does It Have Separate On/Off Switch?Yes, it DoesNo, It Doesn’t
How Many Kit Options You Have?4000-2/30, 4000-3/34, 4000-4/34, 4000-6/503000-1/24, 3000-1/25, 3000-2/28
Price Check Price Check Price

Dissecting the Two Contenders

Basic rule of thumb for any type of comparison between two products is, “One needs to be thorough about the features of each product before pitting them against each other.” This is exactly what we’re going to do in this section of the article. Let’s discuss what each of these products has to offer.

Picking Apart Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Kit

Dremel 4000 is anything but your average joe when it comes to rotary tools. I, for one, can attest to that. Why? Because I’ve used it to my heart’s content. It does everything a full-blown sanding tool, polisher, cutter, grinder, and cutting wheels do… but smarter. You even get tools to maintain it well.

Dremel 4000

People will have as many as thirty smaller tools and bits to go with the motor itself. I used it for a wide array of tasks. From wood carving to grinding, this little tool with a briefcase does it all.

This little tool comes with a stronger motor than its predecessors. I could alternate the speed between 5000 to 35000 RPM in steps. Thanks to this, people won’t have to worry about performance issues like the motor stopping and starting midway of a crucial job at hand.

The best thing is, there’s an electric circuitry in place to provide us when live feedback as to what’s going on with the device while we’re working. Nifty little feature, I must say.

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I liked the airflow system the thing comes with. This innovative system makes the motor quieter and more efficient. I didn’t face issues like overheating and smoke coming out through the cracks to be honest. This helped me to keep the motor on for a longer period of time without taking a break.

The ventilation is unique in the sense that it keeps the machine cool at work and facilitates proper gripping without burning our hands. The handle plays a vital part in this as well.

Having an ergonomic grip is essential for tools like this. Dremel 4000 gives you just that! I found the extended handle to be ergonomic. It provided me with 360-degree comfortable operation when working for long hours. My wrists were in good shape after about three hours of grinding.

The package comes packed in a comfortable briefcase. All 30 bits and pieces have designated places for them in said case. This thing is surprisingly lightweight. I could carry my tools without any issues.

Oh, I must mention that it’s weather-proof as well. Be it a drizzle or raining cats and dogs, water won’t do shit to your beloved companion.

One gripe I have with the device is that it can only function at 120V and not more. Nope, you’re not getting dual voltage support. People can’t use this thing outside the US for garage or job projects.

Things I Liked about Dremel 4000

  • The ventilation system is truly a work of art. It keeps your machine cool while you do the job.
  • People will have as many as 30 different tools to go with the motor for diverse tasks.
  • The users will have an improved motor with variable speeds (compared to previous models) to do the heavy lifting this time.
  • Thanks to the ergonomic handle, you’ll be able to rotate the tool 360 degrees to get the work done.
  • The electronic feedback circuitry helps you in gauging what’s happening with the tool at any point of time while we work.

Things I Didn’t Like about Dremel 4000

  • Dremel 4000 can only work with single voltage count (120V). You can’t use this outside US.

Picking Apart Dremel 3000-2/28 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit

Honestly speaking, Dremel 3000 is a bit of a step-down when we’re doing a Dremel 4000 vs. 3000 comparison. But not by much. For example, you have 28 accessories to work with as a part of this tool. This is a corded unit. In its defense, the cord is long enough to grant me decent leash when moving around the garage or the job site of mine.

Dremel 3000

When it comes to the motor, Dremel 3000 gives us a 3.2amp motor that’s just perfect for any sort of work you do with your 28 accessories. On top of that, this thing features two attachments that goes well with all these tools. This is one of the more versatile tools brought out by the guys at Dremel.

Along with that, the motor features six different speed levels. The speeds range from 5000 to 3500 RPM. The constant amp count helps Dremel 3000 to stay on the offensive without faltering one bit.

You’ll have a ventilation system unique to Dremel that helps the machine to keep it cool while you work. Also, the ventilation makes this motor quieter than its competitors.

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Remember, I said “Two” attachments. You’ll have an A576 sharping platform and a 565 multipurpose cutting kit. Yes, one can take care of sharpening AND cutting along with grinding, polishing, DIY crafts, wood carving, and cleaning tasks.

Switching the tools is easy. All you need to do is to twist the EZ nose cap, get the current attachment out, put on a new attachment and twist it in reverse. You’re done!

People will really enjoy the handle of the object. It provides comfortable grip when navigating through tough corners. Also, the users will appreciate 360-degree operation when cutting down or sizing up big objects. This is particularly helpful with the sanding tool and polishing rough edges.

As usual, Dremel 3000 features a nifty little (figure of speech) briefcase. The carrying unit is lightweight and features a handle (duh). You have designated spaces for each of the attachments and bits so that they don’t fall off when we’re traveling.

My gripe with the entire system is the fact that it doesn’t feature the electric circuitry that provides feedback on what’s up with the motor and the device as a whole.

Things I Liked about Dremel 3000

  • This thing is sturdy. I mean, I used it for a year or so. No significant scratches or damages.
  • You don’t need a wrench to twist things and put bits in place. There’s EZ twist cap for that.
  • I very much liked the motor. It consumes just 1.2 Amps and delivers constant power.
  • Six different speeds will allow users to be careful and quick depending on the job type.
  • You have two attachments (instead of one) to work with. Dremel 3000 is stable and versatile.

Things I Didn’t Like about Dremel 3000

  • The bits are smaller than I expected. Kids can easily swallow these things and have issues.
  • People might not like the 6 – 7 feet working radius very much due to the cord system.
  • Thinking of Dremel PL400 and MS400 attachments, you won’t have any with it.

Similarities Between Dremel 4000 and 3000 At a Glance!

Now that we know what these two tools bring to the table, it’s time to get the similarities out of the way. Thus, we’ll be able to compare each machine in terms of performance and perks. I’ll very quickly point out the similarities in the form of bullet points in this section.

  • Both of these devices are meant to be used inside the USA only. You won’t have “Dual Voltage” support with either of them. This is a big downer for me at least.
  • People can use both the tools for a myriad of tasks including (but not limited to) griding, sanding, polishing, engraving, and cleaning. Both of these tools are versatile in the utmost degree possible and within our budgets too.
  • The speed range for the two motors used in the devices is the same. People get 5000 to 35000 RPM to play with when working. It helps when carrying out diverse kinds of tasks as well.
  • Controls for these two devices are pretty much the same. You get easy to operate buttons with clear functionalities that do what’s asked from them. It keeps things straightforward and simple.
  • I think I should mention the curious case of the lightweight “Carrying Case” as well. Both of these models come into a carrying case with a nifty little handle. Each of the two carrying cases (for two products) have designated slots for attachments and bits.

Dremel 4000 vs. 3000 – The Comparison

Now that we have the benefits of these products AND the similarities out of the way, it’s time to pit them against each other to see which one is more suitable for our arsenal of tools. Let’s get the battle of the colossal underway, shall we?

  • How Do These Tools Perform?

Dremel tools are leagues better when it comes to rotary tools. You get the best deal the moment you eye one of these things. However, there’s a subtle difference in performance when we do an internal comparison. For example, Dremel 4000 is faster than Dremel 3000 and for a good reason.

Dremel 4000 comes with a 175-watt motor that draws the maximum power of this unit. If I had to compare it with anything, I’d say… this is more powerful than a standard blender. With the speed limits set so high, one can actually push it to the maximum without actually breaking the tool.

On the other hand, the 3000 variant lags behind in this aspect. One can run the 4000 version without stopping and when it gets to high temperatures, the motor maintains its speed. However, when it comes to its predecessor, the motor slows down. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself taking a break.

The older variant draws out 130 watts of power at its maximum. This is limiting when you’re on a delicate job and it requires a bit of a slow start.

  • The On-Board Switches Are A Major Difference

One thing I recommend Dremel product(s) for is the control panel they have. It’s very detailed with tiny differences varying from model to model. For example, Dremel 4000 has a spin dial that controls the speed of its motor.

You’ll have separate On/Off button that does what it’s supposed to. Also, the tool has a power circuitry system that allows it to function at top gear at a low torque level. This increases the efficiency further.

Dremel 3000 on the other hand, has five levels of speeds it can surf through. However, this little tool underperforms when people operate it on “Low” speed levels thanks to the 1.2-amp motor.

  • Durability Is Something to be Concerned About These Tools

Don’t get me wrong, Dremel tools are quite durable when you compare them to others. Also, the 4000 and 3000 variants can withstand a lot of damages thanks to their tough builds. Both the tools use “Hard Plastic” when developing the body. As a result, minor falls and mishandlings won’t matter.

However, the difference comes into the picture when we consider opening the casing up and getting to the inside part of the tools for maintenance. The newer model of the two features accessories that can make dissecting the product for issues easier for all of us.

  • The Design Is Slightly Different as Well

By design, I mean the overall look and feel of the product. Dremel 3000 wins the bout here with minimalistic design. It’s more lightweight than the latter model. As a result, people can go through with intricate jobs using Dremel 3000. It’s more convenient thanks to a small footprint.

Other than this, you’ll have an ergonomic handle to work with. This is true for both the models. Both the models come in corded versions. You won’t have to worry about the consistency of power.

  • Price to Performance Ratio is Different

If you consider the output and the price pool for these tools, I’d say Dremel 3000 vs 4000 comparison tips in favor of the older model. At first glance, at least. The older model for this article is certainly good for DIY jobs and small-time projects. Hence, the low price. It’ll give you less issues.

On the other hand, Dremel 4000 comes with the perk of added amps and voltage count when it comes to the motor. Hence, it can handle comparatively heavyweight jobs. One can keep working without really needing to pull on the breaks due to high speeds with low torque level.

Then again, Dremel 4000’s price is higher than Dremel 3000. Be prepared to shed some extra bucks for what you’re going to get. Let me tell you, the tradeoff won’t be that bad.

So… Which One Should You Buy?

Honestly speaking, you could go for either of the tools (or both… if you have the money). However, if you want to nitpick (in every sense of the word), then… my friend… this little Dremel 4000 vs. 3000 comparison is for you! People would go for the 4000 series just because it’s an update.

This is the ideal option if you want higher power and more juice out of the machine. This will cost you a bit more money than it’s “3000” counterpart. It comes with more bits and pieces as well.

However, Dremel 3000 is a suitable option for people who’re just starting out with engraving, polishing, cleaning, and cutting various objects.

The only thing I’d worry about is the fact that people have to contend with uneven power when working with lower speed levels. It doesn’t do the heavy lifting like its updated counterpart.

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