About Us

Hello there! Welcome to inboxq.com. We are a group of passionate welders with an aim to make our side of the internet a better place. We have spent years mastering this art and now it’s our turn to pass on our expertise to those who seek it.

It’s no secret that finding the right gear for your budget and need in this saturated market can take forever. Since we spend most of our time dealing with all kinds of welding equipment, we are aware of the possibilities and limitations of these specialized gears. 

At inbox.com, we pay close attention to every tiny detail. From simple screwdrivers to plasma cutters, from safety glasses to advanced MIG welders, we have got it all covered for you.

 We take several factors such as performance, real customer ratings, price, warranty, and post-purchase customer service into consideration before featuring any product in our guides. It takes us countless hours to test, research, reach out to customers and sellers to procure information can trust. The task isn’t easy but we love our job anyway.  

Apart from in-depth information on pretty much every welding equipment under the sky, we also share blog posts and how-to tutorials related to welding, woodworking, and DIY jobs. 

Our core team goes to great lengths to make sure that we have something useful for both veterans and novices in this field. We publish new and resourceful content every day to keep our readers up to date. 

Why are we doing this? 

We dream to become one of the most active and resourceful online communities where we all can receive and share great ideas. If you have any interesting ideas brewing in your mind or maybe just want to say hello, get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.