About Us

InboxQ began with the vision of making welding comprehensive and taking the information to the doorstep of enthusiastic readers. From veteran friends Angelo and Jerome who work as full-time welders, what they share from experience and knowledge are nothing short of pure gold.

From simple screwdrivers to plasma cutters, from safety glasses to advanced MIG welders, the duo have mastered their craft in this field with years of trial and error. Having access to the most industrial welders to the ones that home consumers use, InboxQ’s takes are never meant to sell products but to shed light on them for what they truly are.

Bridging the Gap of Knowledge

Welding isn’t really an easy area to understand because there are so many options and customizations to be made. The duo of InboxQ aspires to close that gap in knowledge with welders who are interested in performing such duties – be that casually or professionally.

And the blogs in InboxQ aren’t only experiential writing. Rather, the team spends hundreds of hours researching each subject matter and drawing opinions from other experts into the field, so that the piece that reaches that audience in the end is the most helpful with every possible consideration.

What is the Motto for InboxQ?

In one word – inclusion. InboxQ believes that there should be enough room into the welding business equally for veterans and newcomers. There sits a large number of people who find themselves clueless while considering getting into welding, and InboxQ aspires to include them into the area by making the information as perceivable as possible.

In the long run, InboxQ hopes to bring every possible knowledge including honest welder product reviews, customizations that make certain weldings easier and diverse welding categories that aren’t often talked about under one banner.

One day InboxQ is going to have the grandeur to be considered as the top of the line welding information hub for everyone, especially for beginners. That day is not far away because the facts that InboxQ provides are as useful and authentic as can be.