Can Welders Have Tattoos? Common Welding Myth Debunked

Welders contribute to society in numerous ways. They cater to those at home by providing appliances that are top-notch and offer tons of safety to vehicle users by providing them with modes of transport that are often equipped with reliable material. Without welding, our lives are disadvantageous in multiple ways, however, we’re glad that it exists, and that reliable welders are often easy to find.

While welders surely earn a considerable amount for aiding the world in multiple ways and making people’s lives a little easier, there are loads of concerns that welders have to deal with in a frequent manner. One of the most common issues they have to have a grip on a regular basis is their urge to get tattoos.

Tattoos, while extremely helpful to many and easy on the eyes on most occasions, are somewhat viewed in a cynical manner, especially in the welding world. Even though tattoos don’t hamper one’s ability as a welder, employers as well as colleagues often find discomfort in tattoos. Moreover, due to the job requirements and the intensity of welding itself, being a welder with a tattoo could be somewhat hectic on most occasions.

Moving on, if you’re wondering whether having tattoos is permitted or whether welders can have tattoos at all, you’ve stumbled upon the right article! Join us on our journey as we uncover to you just where this issue stands at the moment and whether an individual can ultimately land a job as a welder despite having tattoos.

The Negatives Of Having Tattoos When Being A Welder

Negatives Of Having Tattoos When Being A Welder

When all is said and done, there are loads of drawbacks that arise when you have tattoos, especially if you’re pursuing a career in welding. From being a recipient of frowns to exposing oneself to various skin-related diseases, here are all the drawbacks that one has to face as a welder with tattoos.

Disadvantageous Against Employers

As the name suggests, when being a welder, one can apply to multiple places. However, due to the cynical impression that tattoos tend to receive in the white collar industry, being picked up by a company could be less if you’re a welder.

Many employers find tattoos worrying as they associate the act with signs of disloyalty. They often believe that a tattoo wearer will either halt the company’s progress when acquired, or double cross the company in one way or the other.

Harmful For One’s Skin

Since welding requires one to spend loads of time under the sun on a daily basis, wearing a tattoo might put an average welder at a disadvantage. Apart from exposing the tattooed area to dust particles and numerous forms of dust, staying in the sun will also damage their skin due to the existence of UV rays. Prolonged UV exposure usually brings to the table harmful side effects such as severe cases of sunburn, and even triggers various symptoms of skin cancer.

However, this issue can easily be solved if the welder applies sunscreen everyday to fight against serious cases of sunburn, and covers their tattoo with the use of makeup or through the use of breathable garments.

Why Having Tattoos Shouldn’t Hamper Your Progress As A Welder

Welder tattoo

Being a welder isn’t always easy. It requires loads of communication skills, technical skills as well as physical attributes for an average Joe to be a renowned or prolific welder. However, getting tattoos should be the least of your worries.

Moving on, having a tattoo on your body, regardless of how good of a welder you are, won’t even matter more often than not. Aren’t really convinced yet? Be our guest! The list below contains all the reasons why you most definitely can and should get a tattoo as a welder.

It doesn’t define your skills as a welder

At the end of the day, despite how taboo it is to get tattoos in the green collar industry and how hesitant people, especially employers are when hiring a welder with body modifications, having a tattoo won’t necessarily be a symbol of your skillset.

In short, your craft will define your success as a welder; not how you look, and present yourself on a daily basis. So, chin up and keep working on yourself constantly so that you’re able to rise above all the adversity and backlash against tattoos with the abilities you possess as a welder.

It allows you to feel more comfortable in your own skin

Tattoos are mostly obtained to allow an individual to express themselves, their morales, and their principles to the world. Doing so not only gives their body a spectacular upgrade, but can also allow one to achieve spiritual growth. Such growth typically results in the wearer becoming more assertive in life, and also substantially reduces past feelings of trauma.

This habit can also be extremely serene for one’s mind, as tattoos, no matter how big or small, allow an individual to feel more connected to their emotions, and purpose, which leads them to feel comfortable in their own skin.

We live in the 21st century

Decades ago, getting tattoos was an act that was often associated with murderers and gang members. Furthermore, since loads of tattoos and artwork were incorporated by those that committed numerous crimes and had symbolisms that glorified heinous acts, the reputation of tattoos was tarnished indefinitely.

However, in today’s world, things don’t work like that. In fact, people are less narrow-minded these days and tend to welcome those with tattoos with open arms. Although some tattoos in particular, i.e. neck tattoos and face tattoos haven’t yet been able to change the way they’re perceived, numerous tattoos such as fine-line tattoos as well as sleeve tattoos are completely okay to obtain in the green-collar industry as long as one’s work ethic stays in check.

Bottom Line

All in all, if you’re still worried about your existing tattoo, thinking of getting a tattoo in the future, and wondering whether you can have tattoos as a professional welder, then know you absolutely CAN! In addition to the tattoo being a minor portion of your identity, getting a tattoo is also not going to be directly related to your talents as a welder, so go ahead and get a tattoo of that one script, painting, or animal that you’ve always wanted!

If you also happen to be rather indecisive about all the welding designs that you can install to kick start your career, make sure to go through this article, which comprises a series of welding tattoos with incredible illustrations.

Furthermore, if you will go forward with a tattoo and also happen to have a welding job, make sure to invest in a good container of sunscreen. While the tattoos won’t necessarily have a direct impact on your efficiency, being exposed to the sun for a significant amount of hours on a regular basis will probably be an issue for your skin. So, make sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to fight against UV rays.

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