Best Welding Table You Can Get in 2021 and Beyond!

Best welding table

If you’re a welder like me, welding tables are important in our line of business. They make doing tinkering with metal or plastic easier and comfortable. However, most welders don’t use them as they normally work on whatever surface they find.

This shouldn’t be the case. Welding is not an easy job, and there is always life-threatening risks. It is also a job of precision and pinpoint accuracy. So, we must invest a bit in making our work comfortable.

These tables aren’t new to me. I made sure everyone who worked with me used on as well. Other than the issue of extra cost, nobody had any dissatisfaction with using them.

As welders, we don’t need branded or costly stuff. We just need something efficient and well made.

That’s why I don’t talk about how much you should spend on a welding table. You just have to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

This little article will help you in finding some of the top welding tables available on the market. These things complement your workspace as well as the tiny little thing we call “Wallet.”

For people who have a thirst for research, I made sure to include a buying guide towards the end of my article as well.

You know, just to help you shop on your own for a bit. Let’s get into the meaty part of the article, shall we?

What is a Welding Table?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you said that you never heard of a welding table. Many welders normally work on whichever surface they find nearby. This is normally how our job works anyway. So, what exactly is a welding table?

Welding tables are normally waist-level platforms that work as a stable surface for most kinds of welding jobs. This is basically a workbench and it should be considered as an essential commodity in every welder’s workshop.

These tables are “Almost” always made from steel. Any other material will be prone to fire hazards, and we don’t want that. Moreover, steel is the most reliable and durable material and can withstand heat, pressure, and continuous use.

Any good quality welding table has a sturdy build, doesn’t wobble, and has an adjustable height. They actually come in various sizes, but they are almost always rectangular.

These things also offer a lot of ease no matter what kind of welding you are doing. In fact, many have tabletops whose tilt can be adjusted depending on your needs.

Why Do You Need One?

I think I have already explained part of it, but let me tell you why I consider one to be necessary. You see, we normally need a flat and steady surface for most of our welding tasks.

One might simply work on the floor, but is it really that convenient? Not at all.

A top-grade welding table will make your job a hell of lot easier. They are not only flat and steady but can also be fluid and dynamic.

You can easily do jobs like squaring corners, measuring, gauging, mounting, electrical grounding, and more.

In fact, welding tables are best suitable for using jigs, and we all need jigs. They can be easily set up on the tables and do their job.

Today, most jigs are made to be used with welding tables. There’s no denying how important and useful jigs are, and so are the welding tables.

The most important reason… to me at least, for which you should use a welding table is comfort. There’s fun in our job, but more often than not it is uncomfortable even though it requires a lot of concentration and fine-tuning.

With a table, you can work in a position that suits you. You can even carry it around and set it up anywhere you want.

Top Welding Tables – My Recommendations

As welders, we need just the right types of equipment or our task can’t be done properly. Here I have provided a list of 6 of the top-quality products and I believe you will find the right one from among them.

I must admit, a quality table is hard to find, even though you will find loads online. So, I hope to help you as much as I can.

Klutch Steel Welding Table

The Klutch Steel Welding Table is a good choice if you are looking for something simple and efficient. This is a 36 inch by 24-inch table with 33 ¼ inches of height.

It is suitable for small-sized workspaces and can be used to take care of almost all small-scale welding projects.

Klutch Steel Welding Table with Tool Kit

The top half of this Klutch welding table is made with 4 mm thick steel. The frame is also made of steel which is 2mm thick. Altogether it is very sturdy and can easily withstand up to 600 lbs weight.

That is, even though it’s said to be good for small scale work, you can easily use it for heavier projects.

The top and the frame are both fixed. You will not be able to adjust the tilt or height. But that’s why I said it’s a simplistic product and so it doesn’t require much hassle. You can simply set it up and start working.

However, this standalone welding table is not for those who need more flexibility.

This could be an affordable companion for people who have just got into the welding business. This table is also perfect for those who are currently learning the ways of a welder and need a cost-effective addition to their tools.

Whichever the case, people are sure to get a great deal for this price.

Holes on the top are an important and very helpful feature for any welding table. They let you set up items in fixed positions so that you can work with ease.

That is why this Klutch welding table has its whole top covered16 mm holes. The holes are all placed evenly at 2 inches distance from each other.

I do understand having a lot of holes isn’t always a good thing. However, given the type of small scale works this table is suitable for, the holes will not prove to be a nuisance. I just wish the holes were threaded as that can be helpful on various occasions.

Get Klutch Steel Table at Amazon

There might be times when the holes will not line up according to your needs.

But that will not be a big problem for anyone. Klutch has provided several useful tools with which you would be able to make most things work.

Klutch has actually provided a 24 piece metal fit-up kit to make sure you can handle a different kind of jobs easily.

This kit includes 4 inserted clamps, 4 magnetic rests, 4 threaded adaptors, 8 V-blocks, and 4 stop bases with stop plates.

These items are not sold separately. Thus, if you ever need extra you would probably buy another new table.

Strong Hand Tools, Nomad, Steel Welding Table

The Strong Hand Tools Nomad shows us that you don’t need to spend a lot on getting the quality welding table. It’s quite unbelievable how affordable and useful this steel welding table is.

You can comfortably undertake different projects at home, in your workshop, or out in the field.

Strong Hand Tools, Nomad, Steel Welding Table

The Strong Hand Tools Nomad is both lightweight and portable. It weighs only 40 pounds, has two sturdy casters attached, and can be folded into a convenient form. A retractable handle is there on one side which lets you easily roll the table from one place to another.

In fact, this welding table can be tilted in three positions. There’s a bar on each side that lets you fix the top in a horizontal position or tilt it to 30 degrees on either of the two sides.

Plus, it allows you to fold it in a convenient and space-saving form. You can roll it around like a trolley and store it almost anywhere after finishing work.

Strong Hand says that this welding table can withstand a load of 350 lbs. It is definitely true. However, you should never drop that much weight abruptly on the table. You shouldn’t use it as a step tool as well.

Rest assured, this welding table is made from very durable materials. The top and the frame are made from 14 gauge steel. The table’s dimensions are 30 inches by 20 inches by 27 inches. As you can see, it is perfect for any small gigs.

Yet, be careful when working with plasma cutters. Don’t use a plasma cutter directly on the table as it will damage the steel. You can cut off the sides.

Get Strong Hand Tools Table at Amazon

This table doesn’t come with any additional accessories. However, it is compatible with all tools and accessories manufactured by Strong Hand, which you can buy separately.

The height of the table can be adjusted from 26 inches up to 32 inches.

I found star knobs and bars that make sure the table remains stable and fixed in a particular position. Always make sure the knobs are tight before welding on the table.

I found three horizontal slots on the tabletop (each of which is 28mm long). From what I have seen, the slots work better than holes for attaching clamps and other tools.

This Nomad steel welding table also has two steel guides attached to the top. They are both retractable and perpendicular to each other. They help as guides, stops, and when clamping the table. Honestly speaking, they made my job easier.

Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Modular Welding Table

The Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Modular Welding Table will be a very reliable and durable way to up your welding game. This is a heavy-duty product that can assist you with metal welding, joining parts, auto body welding, and more.

The BuildPro is a professional-grade welding table and will be worth its price. People who bought this (me included), have been satisfied with its quality and efficiency. The top of the table comes fully assembled; you just have to attach the legs.

Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Modular Welding Table

StrongHand also sells all the tools and accessories you would require for welding. Their tables are always compatible with their tools, which they sell separately.

The BuildPro Modular welding table will help you do your work with precision and ease. The high-quality steel plates are 5/8 inch thick. They can easily withstand the force of all kinds of welding jobs.

However, be careful when welding plasma arcs.

The unique thing about this welding table is that the top is not a single metal sheet. Instead, multiple plates can be reconfigured.

Normally, the top half has the dimensions of 48-inch by 36-inch. However, people can resize it to your liking based on the scale of your work.

The Strong Hand BuildPro is also one of the few welding tables that have both slots and holes. The holes are 5/8 inches big and set in a 2 inches grid pattern on each of the plates. The holes have been made with CNC machining and so their positions are very accurate.

You can clamp in any place using the slots, which are 1 ¾ inch wide, and the holes. This welding table will give you complete freedom to set up your work any way you want.

Moreover, this will help to make your work faster and more efficient. This is a type of flexibility that probably only Strong Hand can offer.

In fact, the BuildPro has a load capacity of 2 tons.

That’s actually very impressive and suitable for large scale welding assignments. This has been made possible with the heavy-duty “Four Beam” support. The overall steel structure will easily tackle all our needs.

The BuildPro doesn’t allow you to adjust the height. However, the feet come with adjustable fixtures. They will let you level the table properly.

This is actually a heavy-weight table, and so it’s not exactly portable. You can move it from one place to another by disassembling it and taking the help of the others for lifting it.

ArcStation Workbench 30FX

The ArcStation Workbench 30FX will be a great companion for various DIY and hobbyist metalwork and welding jobs. This is suitable for home projects and professional workshops. It is affordable, foldable, and efficient at its job.

This is a full steel welding table. The top work surface is 3/8 inch thick steel and the frame is made of 1 ½ inch steel tubes. The top half is 29 inches by 29 inches. It is moderately large and will be appropriate for most small scale and DIY tasks.

Miller Electric ArcStation Workbench

It may not look like it, but the ArcStation 30FX is very durable and dependable. It has a load capacity of a surprising 500 pounds. Even I didn’t expect it when I first saw it.

This welding table is rather small, but it is capable of doing a lot of work. It is very well made and will not disappoint you at all.

Even though I say it’s small, but you will find that its dimensions will be perfect for most small-time welding jobs.

With ArcStation Workbench, you can easily go about all types of metal welding gigs. For example, people can use this for working on metal art projects and metal sculpting.

If you want my opinion, this thing is mostly suitable for arc welding. If you need to do other types of welding like Plasma Arc, you should do it on the sides.

The tube frame structure allows you to easily fold the table. Normally it’s 35 inches high, but after folding it will be 48 inches high and 6 inches wide.

The whole thing weighs only 74 lbs, which isn’t much when you consider the fact that we’re talking about welding tables.

Moreover, this table has wheels and handles for better portability. That is, you will be able to carry and store it almost anywhere. It doesn’t take a lot of space, but it will do a lot.

The blue-colored ArcStation Workbench 30FX has diagonal slots positioned in an X pattern. The slots will be helpful for attaching clamps and fixing up set-ups.

The guys at ArcStation don’t include clamps along with this table. You can buy them separately. Sometimes welding tables are only compatible with a certain type of clamps. It’s better to use clamps that properly fit your table just to be safe.

Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table K

The Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table is designed in such a way that will make all your metalwork easy and comfortable. If you do small scale, DIY, or home hobbyist type work, this can easily be the best welding table for you.

The Eastwood is one of the most lightweight and dependable steel welding tables you will find at such an affordable budget. This table weighs only 30 pounds and the whole thing can be folded into a space-saving size.

Eastwood Adjustable Steel Welding Table

When folded, the table measures 42 inches by 30 inches by 7 inches. There’s also a handle on one side. You can easily carry it around from one place to another and story it in very limited spaces.

In our line of job, lightweight doesn’t always mean good. You may think that the steel may not be that durable. Let me squash the bubble right here.

This Eastwood welding table is made with 14-gauge steel plates. It’s in fact very much durable can easily withstand the rough nature of our welding gigs.

Let me repeat myself, this little table is lightweight but strong.

To be precise, the Eastwood K table has a capacity of bearing loads of up to 350 lbs. You can easily any small-time metal work carving and welding gigs. This table won’t fall short of fulfilling its role.

The tabletop is 30 inches by 20 inches. It will be just right for most of our DIY projects, garage tinkering, and full-on gigs. The height is 32 inch and it is fixed. You can’t adjust it. But you can adjust the tilt of the top surface.

The Eastwood steel welding table offers you 3 angle adjustment options. You can keep it horizontal to the ground. Or, you can tilt in two directions if needed.

When you are done welding, you can fold it further to store it away. This table allows you to fold the top and the legs for convenient storage.

This welding table also has retractable guides. They come in handy as stops and guides. They can also be utilized for attaching clamps.

In fact, there are a total of four 1.1 inch slots on top of this welding table. Two of the slots on the outer sides are longer. The ones in the middle are half the size of those.

You can fix your welding set up with the help of these conveniently positioned slots. You can use C Clamps for holding down your ongoing projects in place so that you can easily work on them.

Hobart Portable Folding Welding Table Model #770786

The Hobart Portable Folding Welding Table is very suitable for different kinds of welding projects. You can use this table in your professional workshop, at your home, and even outdoors. This sturdy table will easily handle all of it.

HOBART Folding Welding Table

The table is made of steel from the top to the bottom. The solid top is 35 inches by 19 inch and it is made of 12 gauge steel. It is large enough for most of your DIY, hobbyist, and professional metalwork. You can work on small to medium scale welding projects and get the most out of this table.

The reason why this Hobart table is capable of so much is that it can bear more than 300 lbs weight. When you first look at the table, it wouldn’t seem like that it can offer so much strength. But that’s just the beauty of this product.

Normally, I don’t recommend dropping very heavyweight abruptly on welding tables. However, with this one, you can actually jump on it and it will still not budge. The steel frame design is very well structured and the legs are sturdy.

The Hobart will make your welding work a lot easier. In fact, this table will easily become one of your most reliable welding companions.

This steel frame is coated with Black powder. This keeps the table safe from rust and corrosion.

The height of this welding table is 34 inches. The height is fixed, and so you can’t adjust it if necessary. But don’t worry; it is high enough for working comfortably without straining your back and neck.

Another thing about this welding table is that it doesn’t have any slots or holes on the tabletop. Many of us prefer having them on their table as they offer versatile clamping options. So, if you are one of them the Hobart steel welding table is not for you.

The absence of holes will not stop you from fixing up your welding projects. You can still use a clamp-on all four sides of the table. Make sure you have the right-sized tools in order to work with precision.

The Hobart welding table offers excellent portability and storage options.

This table can be folded flat and then carried around easily with the help of the built-in handles. You can conveniently store it in limited spaces. It weighs 47.5 lbs and so it will not feel very heavy as well.

So, How to Buy a Top-quality Welding Table?

There are various factors which decide whether a welding table is good or not. As welders, we always look for strength and structure. This doesn’t make finding a quality table easy.

From my experience, I have seen that there are some very important qualities which every welding table should have. You can easily buy yourself a reliable table based on these qualities.

  • Budget

The budget for welding tools is a big issue for learners and beginners in this profession. It’s also an issue for pros. So, we always have to try to get the best possible thing within a fixed budget.

This applies to welding tables as well. Luckily for us, most products are very affordable. So, it’s easy for beginners to get a quality welding table. Some people prefer to make their own, which is a great idea. You can save money and get a doable table.

But, as you can see, it’s not easy to build a table with the features found in a commercially produced product. You will need many more additional tools and machines for that.

In the end, it is much more convenient to buy one with just a budget of $150.

  • Why do you want to buy a welding table?

The purpose for which you want to get a welding table is a very important matter. Well, the purpose is welding, but what kind of welding and what will you make through welding?

These are the questions you should be able to answer before buying a welding table.

The size of the welding table will be based on what you want to use it for. If you want to do DIY or hobbyist projects a small sized table will be enough for you.

By small, I mean a tabletop with at least 30 inches by 30 inches of dimension. You can do a lot with this size of welding tables.

Metal art and sculpturing are becoming more common every day. A small sized table will be enough for these purposes as well.

I am saying small, but it’s actually a regular size. They are best suited for most small to medium scale welding projects.

You will need bigger tables for larger projects, especially you are a professional welder. However, there’s also the matter of where you will be using the welding table. Your work area will decide if you can get a bigger table or not.

Even welding workshops don’t always have a lot of space to put up a big table. This is also true when you work at home or in your garage.

  • What kind of welding are you going to do?

The type of welding you do is important too. Most welding tables are not suitable for Plasma Arc Welding as it can easily damage the table top. In fact, there are specially designed tables for using plasma cutters.

This applies to other types of welding processes as well. That is why you have to make sure the table you are buying is compatible with the type of welding you do.

  • Tables must be made of steel

There is no doubt about this. Welding tables must be made of steel and its other variants. Any other material will simply not do. The reason is very simple: only steel can withstand the harsh nature of welding. Other materials will simply get wrecked on the first use.

However, it’s not enough for welding tables to be made of steel. The table needs to be built properly. Say, a table is made of 20-gauge steel but the parts are not attached properly and the frame support is weak.

Such a table will not only fall part but it will also make your work harder and more uncomfortable.

Similarly, a well-built table but with flimsy material will end up in the same way. That is why, it is very important that the tables are made of high-quality steel and built properly.

The table top must be thick enough so that it doesn’t buckle under the work load. The frame support below should be equally strong, otherwise the table will not be able to bear the weight of metal works.

For this reason, the frames and legs should be made of strong steel as well.

The great thing is, you don’t actually need to pay a lot for high quality structure and material. Most of the top quality tables are affordable and can be bought with a $150 budget.

  • Weight bearing capacity

The topics mentioned in the previous section come into action when talking about the weight bearing capacity of a welding table. This is as important as the table itself.

Welding work is never lightweight. That is why, welding tables must have the capacity to bear heavy weights. Even for small scale projects, the table should be able to bear at least 350 lbs weight. In fact, the higher the better.

The weight bearing capacity is dependent on the table top and the frame structure below it. In short, this section and the previous one are interconnected. One can’t do with the other. So, when you are looking at the weight capacity you should also look at the table’s material and structure, and vice versa.

  • Slots and Holes

Slots and holes are added to the top of a welding table so that you can easily set up your welding projects.

They provide a lot of options for attaching clamps and other welding accessories. That is, they are essential for working on various welding projects.

Normally, welding tables have either of the two. When they have slots, there are mostly 3-4 of them positioned along the length of the table top. They can be of any size. However, they need to be big enough for inserting clamps and other tools through them.

In case of holes, they come in big groups. The holes need to be made properly and should of equal sizes.

They should also be placed at equal distances from each other. There is no universal spacing measurement, so even if the holes are evenly positioned they may still not go well with your tools.

There are also some tables which don’t have any of the two. They are not exactly at a disadvantage but some people find them less convenient. You can still attach clamps to these tables, but you can do that only along the edges.

  • Portability and Storage

These two are very essential when you are working in limited spaces and have to go from one place to another. Today, most welding tables are portable and easy to use.

In order for a table to be portable, it needs to be lightweight, foldable and easy to move around. Less weight doesn’t necessarily mean the table is made of cheap materials.

Plus, a lightweight welding table is still at least 30 lbs heavy. But this amount of weight is easy to carry.

Foldable tables are much easier carry than those which can’t be folded. This is helpful for carrying it manually from one place to another or in vehicles.

They also offer better storage options. By folding a big table into a flat formation you can easily store it in limited spaces.

It also helps when tables have wheels or casters. They make pushing a heavy table easier and less of a work.

However, these qualities are not available in all tables. You may not even need them if your work doesn’t require portable welding tables.

People will need fixed and heavier tables that come with all the other qualities of a top-quality welding table.

  • Adjustable Tilt and Height

These features are not present in many welding tables, but they should be. Being able to adjust the tilt and height of a table can be very useful. Welding works are all not the same. They each require a particular type of setup so that we can do them properly. This is where these features can play a big role.

You can adjust the height and tilt according to your need so that you can work without discomfort. There’s actually very little comfort in this profession, but whatever we can salvage helps a lot with our work.

However, we welders are used to working in rough situations. After all, we have to maintain precision no matter what. That is why, these two qualities may not be always necessary for you. So, you can opt for the fixed welding tables.

  • Surface Coating

The welding table you are buying should have the right kind of protective coating. They not only help to reduce corrosion but also keep the work surface clean. The proper surface coating doesn’t let debris and protect the table from getting damaged from the welding works.

  • Tools and Accessories

Some welding tables come with various tools and accessories helpful for your work. The best thing about them is that as they are made by the same brand they are always compatible with the table. Like magnets, clamps and even jigs.

There are also some tables that have trays and guides attached to them. Trays come in handy for collecting debris so that you can have work uninterrupted.

The guides are good for acting as stops or actual guides for setting up your welding projects. I have also seen tables with hooks on the side where you can hang cables and welding guns.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Our professions tend to shape our way of thinking. Like I said many times before, we welders always look for strength and structure. These are the two things we must maintain in our work, and that’s why we need them so much.

So, the best welding tables of our choice also need to be strong and well made.

So, make sure to keep your welder’s eye open whenever buying a welding table or any other welding equipment. That is only how you can actually be sure if the thing is good for you or not.

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