Best Spot Welders: Find Your Ideal Spot Welder

Best Spot Welders

Spot welding is easily one of the most efficient welding techniques for fusing parallel steel sheets. Having the option to join two metals at up to 0.01 seconds makes using this machine extremely time-efficient. This method also does not require any filler metal, making it a very budget-friendly option.

This form of welding is ideal for anything from automotive manufacturing, electronics, and even construction. The very simple design and user-friendly nature makes it easy to pick up and apply to any project. With that said, it can be challenging to find the perfect spot welder for your particular needs.

That’s why we’ve done our best to get you the best value for your money. Here’s a list of the best spot welding machines on the market, along with a few special tips you should consider before spending your hard-earned cash on such an essential piece of equipment.

Comparison of Our Favorite Products

Handhold YaeCCCComputer controlled 110V 4.8 Kg Check Price
Stark ProfessionalPortable design
12.8 Kg Check Price
Mophorn 737GDistinct LCD panel
5.8 KG
Check Price
Lenco AutobodySolid state timer110V 
50 Kg Check Price
Stark Portable
Simple lever function120V13.4 Kg Check Price

The Five Best Spot Welders On The Market

Having a quality spot welder in your arsenal can make your life much easier, but it can be quite tricky to find the right machine for you. Here are five of the best spot welding machines for you to check out.

YaeCCC 737G Battery Spot Welder

The YaeCCC battery spot welder is a great tool to have when you need a precise machine that can still deliver strong welds for electronics. The double pulse feature gives you extra security for your heavy-duty projects while the simple three-button design remains easy for even the newest spot welders.

YaeCCC 737G Battery Spot Welder

The spot welder comes with the 737G spot welder machine, two pairs of welding pins, a hex wrench, a pedal switch, two fuse tubes, 60 nickel strips for fusing, and a battery holder for four 18650 batteries. These are everything you need to get started with battery welding. But first, you need to know how to set it up.

Setting up the machine is easy; just adjust the welding pressure using the dial on the top of the device to set the tension on metal posts upfront. These posts are what will be holding your welding pins, and their pressure plays a vital role in the strength of the overall weld.

To attach the welding pins, use the hex wrench given to loosen the clamps inside the posts. Insert the welding pins into the posts open slots and tighten until securely fastened. Make sure that the pins are of equal height for even welds on your battery pack.

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The settings are straightforward to adjust. You will find three buttons on the machine’s face: up, down, and an asterisk. The asterisk allows you to cycle through the pulse and current settings to adjust them to your liking. When pressing the asterisk, either pulse or current will begin to blink to signal that you are currently changing that specific setting. Once you’re satisfied, keep pushing on the asterisk button until all the LED lights are solid.

This device is the ideal tool for someone looking to make special battery packs using 18650 batteries. These kinds of batteries are widespread in electronics and other small appliances, which means that this spot welder can be useful for various projects.

Despite this, the machine’s smaller size makes it unideal for larger products that require heavier welding. With that said, this battery spot welder still does what it can very well.

Overall, the YaeCCC 737G battery spot welder is an incredible budget-friendly machine that offers a lot in terms of convenience and efficiency. Its lightweight frame makes it easy to move about the shop while its sturdy construction means it can handle continuous projects without fail.

Stark Professional Electric Spot Welder 240v

The Stark Professional electric spot welder switches things up from our last entry. This particular spot welder excels in fusing metal plates instead of making delicate electronic repairs and adjustments. The single-phase design and its robust frame make it exemplary in handling heavy-duty jobs in auto repair and detailing.

Stark Professional Electric Spot Welder 240v

This particular spot welder features an innovative single-phase design with two large six-inch tongs that can firmly grasp the two plates for welding. The tongs also act as the electrodes for the welding process, and both tongs have replaceable welding points made from high-quality steel. Every purchase comes with an extra pair of tips for your convenience.

Using the welder is simple as can be. All you have to do is be diligent when plugging in your machine. Remember that this particular spot welder is compatible with 220 to 240 volts, so you should always plug it in within that range. At 240 volts, the machine will run at about 16 amps.

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The Stark Professional 240v spot welder has a duty cycle of 50% at 16 amps, so you’ll get good solid welds without having to worry about overdoing it. The manufacturers claim that you can weld sheets up to an eighth of an inch in width, but with the high input voltage, we’re sure you could push that up to at least a sixth of an inch if not more.

Performing the weld is as easy as pressing down on the lever. The upper tong will drop and securely fasten the two sheets of metal together, then quickly press the switch underneath the level to activate the circuit and start the weld. Although the tongs are secure, we suggest using a pair of pliers or vice grips to hold the sheets in place when welding. It’s just an extra precaution to ensure that you get a clean and accurate weld every time.

One of the best qualities this machine has is its sturdy design. You can see the material’s quality and strength from the welding points to the frame, especially the braided copper wire behind the front guard. These components make this an incredible spot welder for just about any scenario.

If you’re looking for a reliable and portable spot welder for moderate industrial work, then Stark Professional Electric Spot Welder 240v is the perfect device for you. Its sturdy construction and its impressive power output make it well worth the mid-range price point.

Mophorn 737G Pulse Spot Welder

The Mophorn 737G spot welder is another simple, effective, and portable spot welder perfect for a wide array of welding jobs. You can use this machine as a convenient push-up battery welder by adjusting the pressure dial or a precise pedal welder with the accompanying foot pedal.

Mophorn 737G Pulse Spot Welder

Every purchase comes with a bunch of components to help streamline your welding experience. The package comes with the welder, a foot pedal, a fixed 18650 battery holder, four welding needles, a hex wrench, and two fuse tubes. As for consumables, the package also comes with 60 nickel-plated strips, perfect for battery pack welding.

Before using the welder, the first thing you should do is install two of the welding needles into the front posts’ slots. These two needles are what will carry the current and do the welding on your desired material. Controlling this machine can be done in two distinct ways: pedal or push-up.

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Push-up welding is by far the more straightforward method between the two and is what we believe to be the best for battery pack welding. Once you set the pulse and current to your specifications, you simply raise your metal to contact the welding needles. The posts’ pressure can be adjusted using the dial on the top of the device—push-up welding ideal for consecutive light welds that you would see when fusing multiple 18650 batteries.

We suggest utilizing the foot pedal to get better power control and more precise welds for any other projects. Keeping close contact with the electrodes without setting the welder off gives you more time to make adjustments before committing to a weld. Using the foot pedal also gives you more control over how long you want to keep the current going, which also helps penetrate thicker materials and achieve stronger welds.

Mophorn also equips the 737G welder with a smart chip that prevents the unlikely chance of overheating. Safety is always an important consideration when purchasing appliances like welders, so having the extra bit of security that this feature affords you is a great thing.

The Mophorn 737G Spot Welder is another great compact barebones spot welder that excels in handling smaller hands-on projects. The convenient push-up welding method is a great selling point for this device, especially considering its reasonably low asking price. We highly recommend this spot welder for small to moderate size projects.

Lenco Autobody Dual Spot Welder

Lenco Autobody gives us a unique spot welder fills our need for a heftier industrial type spot welder on this list. The Lenco Autobody dual spot welder is considerably larger than the other entries on this list. Still, it also delivers much higher amperage, up to 50 amps, perfect for vital spot welds in larger projects.

Lenco Autobody Dual Spot Welder

Each purchase comes with the spot welder on its convenient roller caddy, dual five-foot welding cables, and a 50-foot power input cable. The minimal parts and pieces make it simpler to keep track of and easier to use overall. With no filler material and not gases needed, this spot welder keeps expenditures at an all-time low.

Despite its larger build, The Lenco spot welder gives you a fair amount of mobility. Its cart allows you to move about your workshop with little problem, and thanks to its 50-foot power cable, you won’t need to keep replugging the machine whenever you move it.

The output of this machine allows you to tack carbon steel anywhere from 20 gauge to 12 gauge. The power output of the welder can be easily adjusted using the dial upfront.

Using the welder is extremely simple. Just press the two electrodes against the working material and press the button to activate the circuit. The welding time is controlled automatically with the machine’s solid-state timer. This feature gives you quick and efficient welds without fear of over welding.

A common mistake users run into is that they believe the two electrodes need to be facing each other on the opposite sides of the welding material. You are supposed to use both electrodes simultaneously on two different welding points on the same side. The five-foot cables on each allow you to get into hard to reach spots, perfect for auto-repair or detailing.

The only problem we have with this particular model is that it is slightly bulky compared to the other entries. At 110 pounds, the Lenco spot welder can be quite cumbersome to move around even with its wheels. Despite its weight, the machine still performs exceptionally and should not be looked over.

We believe that the Lenco Autobody dual spot welder is an incredible spot welder that shines in a few key aspects. The machine is incredibly time-efficient thanks to the dual electrodes, sturdy thanks to its robust design, while still cost-efficient since it doesn’t require any consumables to work well.

Stark Professional Spot Welder 120v

The final entry on this list is a variation of a previous entry. The Stark Professional 120v spot welder doesn’t do anything crazy; it is still an exceptionally reliable spot welder, perfect for anyone looking for a simple yet effective tool to keep in your workshop.

Stark Professional Spot Welder 120v

This welder also features the simple single-phase design to streamline the welding process further. The double tongs that act as fasteners for your metal are also the electrodes that carry the current to achieve the weld. Each tong is tipped with a welding point, and every purchase comes with a spare pair. These replacement tips are easy to install since these particular welding tips are threaded.

This particular model works with an input of 120 volts and runs at 13.5 amps at maximum voltage. This power output is enough to handle stainless or galvanized steel up to an eighth inch in thickness. This feat is quite impressive considering an eighth of an inch in thickness is nearly the same as its 240v variant.

This particular model operates the same way the 240v version does. All you need to do is place the two fastened sheets on the lower tong’s point wherever you want it welded. Using the lever, slowly secure the two sheets and press the switch underneath the lever.

The compact design of this spot welder makes it easy to maneuver around the workshop without fatigue. You can even operate the machine in awkward angles that would be difficult for other spot welders to manage. The machine’s simple operation makes it easy to execute dozens of spot welds in no time.

The only apprehension we had with this model is that it’s still somewhat weaker than the Stark Professional 240v spot welder. Both the 120v and the 240v versions have their strengths and weaknesses while maintaining the same overall operation. In many cases, we believe that the 120v is sufficient power output and ends up becoming more cost-efficient once you factor in the appliance’s energy consumption.

Outside of the different input voltages, both Stark Professional spot welders are made with sturdy materials and made to last. Both can withstand stringent stress tests and continuous welding without any signs of wear.

With all that said, the Stark Professional 120v spot welder is a quality device that is very much worth your consideration. If you want a cost-efficient, reliable, and portable spot welding machine, this 120v spot welder might be your best option.

Things To Consider Before You Buy A Spot Welder

A spot welder can be a very costly investment, but it can also be very efficient if chosen correctly. So here are a few things to consider before purchasing a spot welder to ensure you get the best one for you.

  • What’s The Input Voltage?

The input voltage is an essential aspect of any kind of welder, and it’s something you should always consider before buying. If you don’t want to spend on any extra adapters at home, then it’s best if you choose a spot welder that’s compatible with the kind of outlets at home.

But if you’re set on buying a specific welder already, then don’t fret. These adapters don’t cost all that much, and you can even swap the plugs out entirely with a bit of tinkering.

  • What Kind Of Project Are You Doing?

Spot welding can be a great way to weld almost anything from battery packs to car detailing. But, you can’t expect a spot welder meant for fusing small 18650 batteries to be strong enough to weld car pieces together, the same way you can’t expect a spot welder made for automobiles to be delicate enough to handle small batteries. Knowing what work you need to do is crucial in finding a suitable machine.

  • Does The Purchase Come With Extras?

Different projects need different consumables, and it can be impossible to get specific jobs done without them. Battery fusing requires a filler material to act as a bridge between batteries; that’s why YaeCCC and Mophorn come with included nickel-plated strips just for that.

Not all machines come with consumables in every purchase. Take note if a purchase includes extra consumables so you can prepare beforehand.

  • Will You Be Moving Around A Lot?

Portability is a crucial factor when it comes to buying machinery. If you know that you will be moving around the workshop or moving between sites, then it might be right for you to get a compact spot welder that you can carry around. If you plan to stay in one location or you’re not going to be moving around all that much, feel free to get a bigger and sturdier spot welder.

  • What Materials Are You Welding?

Every spot welder has its strengths and weaknesses. Some spot welders won’t be as good at handling certain metals while others can. It’s essential to do adequate research online to ensure that the spot welder you’re eyeing can effectively do the job you need done. There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money one an expensive spot welder only to find out it can’t handle your project.

  • What Is The Duty Cycle?

A welder’s duty cycle is shown in percentages and refers to the amount of time the welder is fully operational. A 60% duty cycle means that a 10-minute session has six minutes of welding and four minutes of cooling. It’s an important consideration when you want to take into account the overall time-efficiency of a welder and its energy consumption. We recommend a 60% duty cycle for a middle ground between time and energy efficiency.

  • Availability Of Consumables

Consumables are an essential part of many spot welding projects. Some companies make money by selling proprietary pieces for their machines so that you’ll be forced to buy consumables only from them. We recommend finding an appliance that can take widely available consumables to lower your overall expenditures.

Metal strips for battery packs are common and easy to find, while specific welding tips can be more difficult to purchase.


Spot welding is a very particular skill, and it only makes sense that you get yourself a very particular machine too. With so many incredible options on the market, it can be a nightmare finding one that can get your job done.

If you’re looking for a robust and sturdy spot welder for heavy-duty work, you should look at the Lenco Autobody Dual Spot Welder. If you need something a little lighter and more mobile to use around the shop, check out the Stark Professional Electric 120v Spot Welder. If you need to make a few battery packs, then the Mophorn 737G Spot Welder is perfect for you.

Whatever your choice, be sure to carefully look over every spot welder to ensure you get the right bang for your buck.

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