Best Plasma Cutter Under $1000 You Could Go for in 2021

Best Plasma cutter under 1000

For people who don’t know, “Plasma Cutters” use gas heated at a high temperature (AKA Plasma) as the source of power. These machines are used to cut metals of different thickness. Hence, the name.

The result is a clean cut without rough edges.

Two common gasses these tools use (there are others as well) are Nitrogen and Oxygen. Users force these gasses through a torch with the help of an air compressor.

The next thing a cutter does is igniting these gasses to form a “Plasma Jet” that cuts the metals through heat.

But, there’s a catch. You’ll find plenty of Plasma Cutters considering your budget is under 1000 dollars. Picking the right one for the job is crucial. Well, not with this article.

Here, I’ve gone to great lengths of research to find the 5 I think are best suited for your endeavors (regardless of the job implications). These reviews represent my findings after numerous trials and errors with these machines as well.

Naturally, there’s a buying guide at the end which discusses the process I followed to get my hands on these machines. Do give it a read.

Best Plasma Cutter Under $1000 – Compariosn

Our Top Picks
Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter
Lotos LTP5000D Plasma Cutter
  • Dual voltage
  • Non-touch pilot ARC
  • 1/2" clean cut
Coral CUT50 Plasma Cutter
Coral CUT50 Plasma Cutter
  • Cutting thickness is 1-20mm
  • 85% duty cycle
  • Comes with electrode nozzle
PrimeWeld 50A Plasma Cutter
PrimeWeld 50A Plasma Cutter
  • Inverter technology
  • High frequency
  • Comes with long air filter
Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter
Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter
  • Quick setup
  • Dual frequency
  • AC engine power
Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter
Lotos LTPDC2000D Plasma Cutter
  • Easy ARC start
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Hand torch control

Top-Rated Plasma Cutters Under 1000 Dollars

The following list of mine represents top-of-the-line plasma cutters that fit the budget and combine price with performance. Make sure you read my plasma cutter reviews before you end up buying one for yourselves. These reviews will discuss benefits along with the negatives these machines have.

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

It’s not surprising to see Lotos LTP5000D at the top of any list that depicts plasma cutters under 1000 dollars. With the kind of features and benefits this compact system provides, I’d say it warrants a solo review no matter how you look at things. However, I’ll be going as in-depth as I possibly can with this.

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Now, let’s talk about the materials that went into the making of this device. Personally, I prefer metal to be used for these cutters. It’s exactly the case here as well. The surprising thing about it was that it was fairly lightweight even though makers used such a heavy substance.

Welding work often demands the portability of your tools. The Lotos LTP 5000D certainly does not disappoint. With the dimensions of 15 x 6 x 12 inches and a total weight of 19.4 pounds, I found it to be rather easy to carry. There’s a handle on top of the device that makes carrying it from place to place even easier.

With Plasma Cutters, we’re talking about cutting metals of various thicknesses. Convenience and ease of use are prime concerns. That’s how performance should be measured in the case of these objects.

Lotos LTP5000D cuts tough, rusty, and painted surfaces like butter. It does so without any slag whatsoever. With the use of “Pilot Arc” technology, this welding product can cut through metal without the tip touching the surface.

Get Lotos LTP5000D at Amazon

Thus, the “End Quality” is better. The process extends the overall lifespan of the tool as well.

With a clean-cut thickness of ½-inch and a severance thickness of ¾-inch, the machine simply does not fail to impress. I love versatile cutting options with my plasma cutters. This baby can slice through stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, and aluminum without any issues at all.

This thing features “Dual-Voltage” compatibility as well. The machine can operate at 220 V 50/60 Hz power or on 110 V 50/60 Hz while using a pigtail.

I should mention the fact that its capable of cutting rough surfaces with compressed air for long periods. Now, that is what I call strong performance in a small package.

For me, the efficiency of a welding tool is not enough. The product has to be user-friendly as well.

Lotos provides a cooling system that ensures safety for both the user and the device. Makers call it the PAPST system. The output voltage is 100V in this case.

I found maintenance to be hassle-free when working with this device. I hardly had to clean anything or leave anything out from the device since it doesn’t produce any slugs that can jam the mechanism.

Lastly, assembling this thing is simply a breeze. I did it on my own. It took me just about an hour. If you have people helping you, it’ll take less time than usual.

The design itself is optimized for reliable performance and steady output. All the features put together makes the LTP5000D ideal for indoor DIY work and hobbies.

What I Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • This cutter is great for industrial use and jobsites that demand extensive welding work over long periods.
  • It offers a greater cutting capacity than expected. For a tiny device, it surely packs a punch.
  • The Duty Cycle is constant even on the same AC frequency. You’ll have issues with short circuits.
  • Duty cycle extends up to 60 percent at room temperature. This brought a boost in overall output as far as welding work goes for me.
  • This thing offers precise and symmetrical cutting experience. Steady hands won’t do wrong with it.

What I Don’t Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • The electrical cord is rather short for my liking. I had to keep it near an outlet to be constantly operational while corded.
  • Usually consumables that you pair with this cutter, don’t last very long.

Coral CUT50 50AMP Plasma Cutter

When talking about the best plasma cutters under 1000 dollars, Coral CUT50 is definitely something worth looking into. Coral has outdone themselves by providing unique features that actually count. With impressive performance and optimized controls, this is one of my favorites.

CORAL Plasma Cutter CUT50

The plasma cutter is made of high-quality metallic components that make it very durable. This is unexpected for a product that comes within a budget. Apart from the build quality, it’s also “Compact” in size. A carrying handle also makes it well equipped for portability.

Operating the device is as easy as it gets. The LCD screen lets you in all the important data you might possibly need to go by your task. Did I mention that it can even switch input power of 90V-260V (110V-220V)? This feature comes in really handy while dealing with projects in different parts of the world.

This product is not only of great value, but it is also capable of handling professional work.

It’s specifically used for cutting Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, and other metals. It even offers a variable cutting thickness of 1mm – 17mm. Now that’s something!

On the scale of performance, the machine did not let me down by far. It’s easy to start and begin working with. With simplistic controls, you can’t go wrong.

Get Coral Plasma Cutter CUT50 at Amazon

The “Plug and Play” feature is much appreciated because finding a conversion plug for each task can be a real drag. Being built with quality components along with the addition of advanced inverter technology, the machine performs like a beast.

The lifecycle and work efficiency of Coral CUT50 is at least 30% higher than the contenders. This boost is something I just couldn’t ignore. Overall productivity is amplified to quite some extent because of the high efficiency that it offers.

The package comes with a complete set of accessories that make my job a lot easier. These include an earth clamp, an air hose, ceramic cups, diverters, and more. What more could I possibly ask for?

A permanent supply of top-quality consumables and smooth cutting experience keeps the Coral Plasma cutter on the cusp of perfection.

What I Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • You have an LCD screen that tells you what’s happening with your device all the time.
  • It’s a “Plug and Play” device. There’s no setting up or assembling part where you get flustered.
  • People can enjoy up to 30% more lifecycle with this machine at the helm. Talk about convenience!
  • It can cut through most of the common metals that we through at this machine.
  • You get to use varieties of accessories that elevate your productivity along with the main tool.

What I Don’t Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • I didn’t find any fault with this machine whatsoever.

PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

As the name suggests Primeweld is a brand that has produced quality hardware over the years and I’ve used a lot of them myself. This particular plasma cutter is nothing to overlook if you are going for efficiency in your work while keeping other aspects intact.

PRIMEWELD Premium & Rugged 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

As for productivity, this definitely does the job well and lasts for a long period. These things provide something priceless. And that would be “reliability.” This here is a 50 Amp digital air inverter plasma cutter that has an impressive Max Severance Thickness: 3/4″!

For laymen, severance thickness means the maximum thickness of a metal that a cutter can handle without you needing to pull it away. Simple, right?

Besides hobbyists and people with DIY home projects, it can very well handle industrial workloads and be used in workshops too. I used it to cut stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper aluminum, and other substances and this thing didn’t even flinch. Now that is what I call performance.

A compact size along with a carrying handle makes it portable and will serve you well. Especially when you have to move from one project area to another. Strong components and great craftsmanship provide a lightweight machine that is robust and sturdy at the same time.

I had an issue with plasma cutters that don’t go with every kind of outlet. The dual voltage support of 110v and 220v offered versatility that made my work much easier. Convenience does matter and Primeweld did not fail to deliver.

I found the cutting quality of the machine to be quite premium and practically flawless. There is no doubt that it was built for professionals that mean business. Metalwork that demands performance on all shapes and sizes is something this cutter excels in.

The plasma cutter is based on state-of-the-art MOSFET transistors. Why would you settle for limited features when this offers great value in terms of performance? I simply won’t on my part.

What I Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • PrimeWeld comes with an affordable price when you compare the performance it offers.
  • The performance is very promising with the 50 Amps of power and all the accessories.
  • This machine from PrimeWeld is compact and portable. There’s a handle to help carry it around.
  • It’s actually well-built and feels sturdy. Correction: It IS sturdy when put to the test.
  • Dual voltage support is amazing. You can work on jobs with variable voltage counts and in different areas of the world.

What I Don’t Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • Not as powerful some of the plasma cutters you’d find available.

LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

High speed that comes with pinpoint precision is something I love about my plasma cutters. And LOTOS has indeed provided more than one of them. The LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter provided everything I could possibly want at an irresistible price.

LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

Like all plasma cutters, this one is also very capable of dealing with Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, Aluminum, etc. The variety of metals and substances that it can work with impressed me to quite some extent.

Not to mention that it uses non-hazardous compressed air which is something rather commendable.

It might have a limited set of consumable compatibility but it makes up for it by offering optimum performance and quality in about every sector.

As I mentioned beforehand, the plasma cutter is eco-friendly. It doesn’t use gasses that might pose a serious threat to the environment. Plus, when compared with oxyhydrogen cutting it is far more safe, fast, budget-efficient, and user-friendly.

The LOTOS LT5000D 50A has a clean-cut thickness of 1/2″ and a max severance thickness of 3/4″. This is something I personally appreciate. Performance that surpasses expectations is something LOTOS has frequently provided in their plasma cutters. This one is no exception by far.

With the dimensions of 10 x 13 x 26 inches and a total weight of 22.5 pounds, the machine is quite portable. They even attached a carrying handle on top that makes the job a lot easier. I had no issues carrying it outdoors and move around wherever I had work to be done.

While looking for top plasma cutters under 1000 dollars you will come across a lot of them that support dual voltage features. I found this in the LT5000D too.

This lowers the compatibility issues you might have with different types of outlets. It can operate directly on 220V 50/60Hz power, or on 110V 50/60Hz.

The PWM technology is something I really appreciated in the cutter. The inverter power supply generated powerful DC welding currents. Which in turn opened the possibilities of some real heavy-duty work. Whether it be home DIY tasks or small business projects, this thing served me very well.

The LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter comes as a complete set of gears that a craftsman can really appreciate. But do note that the production speeds are 80% of the maximum and it has been tested with proof.

What I Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • It has a compact size and awesome build quality that lasts for years without letting you complain.
  • The low-profile torch is great for cramped spaces. This is ideal for odd jobs at home or DIY projects.
  • Auto voltage detection is great for safety. This thing turns off if the voltage is inconvenient.
  • Ease of operation is ensured by the customized trigger positioning which can be turned on and off easily.
  • The MOSFET transistors make it efficient for cutting thick metals within a short time.

What I Don’t Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • This unit is a bit noisy in comparison to other models. You’ll need earplugs.
  • No MVP plug is provided this can be a bit of inconvenience.

Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

If you are looking for something versatile, this machine here offers more than what you could hope for. It can function as a 50-Amp Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, 200-Amp TIG Welder, and a 200-Amp Stick Welder as well. You get the best of all the world with this machine.

Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

This automatically makes it a worthy contender amongst the list of plasma cutters under 1000 dollars.

The Pilot ARC torch in this one is awesome when it comes to cutting rough, painted, and rusty surfaces. Slag comes down to a bare minimum and that is something worth praising.

This technology enables efficient cutting without even touching the surface of the metal. As a result, there’s a minimal chance of the metal getting warped due to high heat and the nozzle touching it’s surface. Idon’t know about you… but I find it pretty cool.

Lotos manufactured a device that has an awesome cutting quality that comes with a long lifespan. This one has a cutting thickness and a severance thickness that is pro-grade. The cutting thickness goes up to 1/2′ and severance goes to a maximum of 3/4′.

Impressed yet? Wait, there’s more!

Dual voltage was something that is very much expected from a welder that comes with such premium features. So, working with various outlets will not be an issue at all. TIG/Stick weld and plasma cutting were never more convenient for me.

The size of the cutter is something that will not come in the way of carrying it around. The dimensions of 17 x 8 x 12.5 inches. It’s lightweight and a carrying handle make it very portable.

I was amazed by the fact that it could deal with materials like Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Brass, and Aluminum with less heat and much-reduced metal distortion. If you are a fan of rich features, this baby will certainly not disappoint.

People can set this thing up in one minute. No, I’m not kidding. There’s an industrial-grade D in place. Feed the machine with consumables and connect the plug to the outlet. There, you’re done!

One thing I need to mention here is the fact that this combo of a tool isn’t compatible with LOTOS PCONN40 or PCONN90 consumables.

What I Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • The 3-in-1 multipurpose function is very much appreciated. You can use it as a TIG, and MIG welder as well.
  • Lotos is very much easy to use for novice users too. The control mechanism is easy to operate.
  • The plasma cutter is well-built and very strongly constructed. This won’t get old after several years.
  • This thing works great on multiple substances of different categories. It’s a “Jack” of all trades.
  • The cuts have a very smooth finish because of the non-touch pilot arc. You won’t have to polish.

What I Don’t Like about this Plasma Cutter

  • This thing can cause problems with ½-inch cutting plate if the metal is too thick.
  • The pigtail has to be bought separately. This obviously adds to the price.

Tips to Choose the Best Possible Plasma Cutter Under 1000 USD

As I promised to you guys, I have laid out the list of the top 5 plasma cutters within 1000 US Dollars that are available now. But you might want to look into other options as well. I’m going to give you some advice regarding that just to help out.

  • Duty Cycle Comes First

First and foremost, the duty cycle is something you need to look into before considering a particular Plasma cutter for yourselves. If you are planning to get a device that you want to use continuously rather than frequently in short bursts, then you should look into amperage count.

Machines with higher amperage usually translate to a better duty cycle.

Using the machine in short bursts requires the motor to work overtime when starting and running the device. This can be tedious in winter-heavy regions. This, in turn, influences the duty cycle as well. Namely, it’s reduced. You’ll have to buy a machine that has six-digit duty cycle just to be safe.

  • What Materials Will You Cut?

Don’t forget that these cutters are generally used in case of metals. These things generate heat while working as well. Make a note of which metals you’ll be working with. Some machines are good for conductive metals such as Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Alloy Steel, and Copper.

The thickness of these metals matter as well. Your device needs to have a competent torch. These metals will be hot (very hot) after you’ve cut them. Don’t handle them without precautions.

If you’re doing DIY projects and need to cut non-conductive metals or objects, normal plasma cutters will do. But here’s the thing: $1000 plasma cutters are expensive and are primarily for jobsites. They are supposed to do the heavy lifting.

Yet, it’ll be good for consumers to measure what they’ll be doing with such a machine first before ordering one online/buying one from brick and mortar stores.

  • Power Bears an Impact on Performance

Most cutters are designed to work with either 110V or 220V. Whatever device you use, the amperage must meet the power outlet to be used by the cutter.

I should also mention the fact that you’ll have 220V or 240V plasma cutters as well. These are good for jobsites.

People multitask by attaching other energy-draining devices to the power outlet. They use the same outlet for cutters. Don’t do this. It might complicate things.

A minimal power requirement is set for each machine. It should be met properly to get the maximum output. Draining the power of an outlet might lead to low voltage and short circuit issues within the machine. This is something to be wary of.

Thus, measure the power outlets of your house or jobsites. Choose a machine that goes well with the outlet.

Pro Tip: Some of the top machines have the adaptability needed to work with. “Dual Voltage Support” has become very common even in budget welders and plasma cutters these days. It shouldn’t bear any impact on the overall power needs of other appliances.

  • Cutting Speeds and Quality are Important

You need to be absolutely sure about the type and thickness of the metal that you are willing to work with. This also concerns the desired cutting speed that you have. It won’t be the same in every case. There are plasma cutters out there that actually offer three types of cutting speed and quality.

The “Ready Cut” is the most high-quality cut there is. Next comes “Quality Cut.” It is good with thick metals. Provided you have enough time to work with it. “Sever Cut” takes more time but is capable of going for the thickest of metals. Choose products that can switch between cutting speed on a whiff.

  • The Way You Kickstart Your Machine is Vital as Well

There are two basic methods for a Plasma cutter for starting it up. The “Pilot Arc” can be initiated through either contact starts or high-frequency starts. You should know that a high-frequency start of a plasma cutter can affect computers, TVs, and telephones. So, it’s better to be cautious.

The “Contact Start” does not have any frequency issues and provides a visible pilot arc. It offers precision too because the user can actually see the arc to position the arc accurately. Basically, what you have to do is see what suits your need best.

  • Consumables Make a Difference

Handheld plasma cutters utilize normal air for getting the job done. But you should know that there are users that prefer bottled nitrogen instead. First of all, it is easy on the pocket and produces far fewer oxidants. This means the chances of corrosion is lowered as well.

Nitrogen is ideal for drier cuts when it comes to stainless steel. If you find carrying air consumables rather annoying, you can choose cutters that have inbuilt air compression. Weight and hassle of carrying is far reduced by this feature too.

  • Control Panel Has to be Detailed and Easy to Operate

It’s needless to say that the control panel of every electronic machine is important. The overall user experience depends largely on it. You can have a bunch of handy features but lacking the use of ease might ruin the experience.

Just in case you are a beginner, it would be best to look into the manual beforehand. Complicated control panels are not for novices. On the good side, some cutters actually have a self-explaining control system that makes it a lot less painstaking. So, it might be best to go for those.

  • Your Machine Should be Easily Movable

People don’t usually pay enough attention to this factor but welding jobs are challenging. Many of us are constantly on the move. It’s quite natural to take the plasma cutter with us from one jobsite to the next.

If that’s the case with you as well, find a machine that adapts to multiple jobsites. Variable voltage support comes handy. It should be easy to carry the device from place to place.

Find an ideal machine with shoulder lashes, handles, and additional accessories that make it easy for you to stay nimble when you want to.

My Two Cents at the End

When you aim at this high of a budget, (i.e. best plasma cutters under $1000), there’s bound to be products that offer more than what you actually need. Then, there will be those which are duds. These products will promise you the entire world and you end up getting a speck of sand.

My advice? Do your research, understand your needs, and then fish for one of these items for a better match. My guide here will surely help. If you want a no brainer, go for Lotos LTPDC2000D Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter.

This machine will give you a TIG welder, a MIG welder, and a cutter rolled into one. Getting three machines combined into one and within $1000 is not a bad deal, is it?

Not satisfied? Read my buying guide at the end and shop for a product on your own. Do let me know how it turned out for you after one or two years of usage. Also, suggest me things I missed out or forgot to include in my buying guide at this point. I’m all ears.

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