Best Pulse Welders: Your Best Choice For Pulsed MIG Welding

Best Pulse Welders

Pulsed MIG welders are becoming an increasingly popular welding option due to their consistent results and their ease of use. This method cuts heat input by up to 55% when compared to traditional TIG welding and makes burn-through nearly impossible, saving you time and material.

Pulse welders achieve control by fluctuating the temperature back and forth constantly from high peak current to low background current anywhere from 0.5 to 400 times per second as opposed to traditional welders that maintain a constant current. This welding method greatly reduces spatter since the filler metal never has any direct contact with the parent metal or the welding puddle.

If you’re looking for an easy entry into the world of pulse welding then read on. In this guide, we’ll review the best pulse welders on the market and we’ll give you some handy purchasing tips for a better shopping experience.

Best Pulse Welders – Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Max Amp
Everlast PowerMTS
250 Amp
80 lbs
Check Price
Primeweld TIG225X
225 Amp
90 lbs
Check Price
Miller 907734
255 Amp
84 lbs
Check Price
Everlast PowerTIG200 Amp
60 lbs Check Price
Weldpro ACDC 200GD

200 Amp
59.9 lbs
Check Price

The Five Best Pulse Welders On The Market

Pulse welding makes welding easier than ever before. Not only are they user-friendly, but the consistent pulses also make for a more uniform welding job. If you’re looking for a good entry point, read on and check out the features of the top 5 products on the market.

Millermatic 255 MIG/Pulsed MIG Welder 208/250v

This MIG/ Pulsed MIG welder is the perfect tool for both veterans looking to do clean and consistent work and newbies who want a straightforward welding machine. The Millermatic 255 gives you everything you need to get a clean weld with more heat conductive materials.

Miller 907734 Millermatic 255 MIG Pulsed MIG Welder

The Millermatic 255 comes with a lot of different components. The standard package comes with the welder itself and a 10-foot power cord, a 250 amp MDX MIG gun, a 10-foot work cable, a clamp with a 50mm Dinse-style connector, a flow gauge regulator with a gas hose, some extra contact tips, reversible drive rolls, a chain for the gas cylinder, a material thickness gauge, and lastly a highly-functional cart.

As mentioned, the Millermatic 255 has capabilities for both standard MIG welding and Pulsed MIG welding. Pulsed MIG allows you to achieve amazing temperature control that ensures minimal heat input, reduced spatter and reduced chance of burning through the parent metal.

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The key feature that makes the Millermatic such a great welder is its Auto-Set Elite which further streamlines the welding process. Input the weld wire type and diameter, material thickness, and your chosen gas type, and the welder will automatically adjust to the proper welding parameters making for much quicker set-up time.

Auto-Set Elite adjusts your wire feed speed and arc length depending on the variables you input. These can be changed at any time to fit the needs of the project. This works directly in conjunction with the welder’s Pulsed MIG capabilities.

Utilizing both the Pulsed MIG and Auto-Set Elite functions of this particular welder makes the Millermatic 255 an incredible synergic MIG welder. This setup excels in welding thinner and more delicate materials like Aluminum, as this metal has a high heat transfer rate which can be prone to warping.

When both functions are activated, the machine will automatically adjust to its ideal parameters while considering the materials you are using. This will ensure that you have no issues during welding and will drastically speed up set-up time.

Should you want to make adjustments on-the-fly, you can still edit both voltage input and inches per minute using the corresponding knobs on each side of the machine interface.

Overall, Millermatic 255 is a great product with premium features. The fairly high price point is completely justified considering the amount of flexibility and convenience it gives you with its Pulsed MIG performance with Auto-Set Elite.

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 110/220 Dual Voltage

The Everlast PowerTIG 200DV is a reliable dual voltage TIG welder that’s great for experienced welders. The PowerTIG boasts amazing versatility with its dual voltage feature, adjustable pulse frequency, and TIG and stick welding compatibility.

Everlast PowerTIG 200DV 200amp Welder

The package includes a 12-foot Everlast series TIG torch, a 35 series Dinse connector and torch switch, a stick electrode holder and 10-foot cable, a work clamp with cable, basic foot pedal, Everlast regulator, 240/120v pigtail adapter, and a six-foot power input cable.

The Everlast PowerTIG works as both a TIG welder and a stick welder, although we believe that it’s potential is best seen when it’s used as a pulsed TIG welder. The product has a plethora of different adjustment settings to perfectly fit your needs.

Traditional TIG welding can easily over-penetrate and distort the parent metal, making it difficult to correct in post-processing. But with Pulsed TIG welding, you can control the peak and background current for more uniform welding as seen in its distinct ripple effect.

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Pulse TIG welding is perfect if you’re working on thinner material that needs precise welding. PowerTIG 200DV allows you to experiment with a frequency, amperage, and timing, to the level which best suits the material you’re working with.

When pulse mode is on, the PowerTIG will yield much smoother beads and greatly reduce the amount of spatter on your parent metal when using filler. Less spatter means less time spent on post-processing and grinding, making for a more convenient procedure.

A major benefit for Pulsed TIG welding, in particular, is that it gives you unparalleled control over your filler metal. Lower pulses per second allow you to control the amount of filler you apply to your weld to match with each pulse.

The machine lets you greatly adjust different aspects of the pulse function. Besides controlling the peak and background current during pulses, you can also change the pulse balance. This means you control the duration that each pulse spends on its peak current.

Our only issue with the PowerTIG is that peak and background current adjustment is depicted in percentage. We believe that it would be more intuitive for the user if the peak and background current was shown on the display. Outside of this, the product shows overwhelming promise in terms of pulse welding.

The Everlast PowerTIG 200DV is a top-notch pulsed welder that gives you amazing value for its asking price. With both stick and TIG compatibility, plus the extensive pulse options, this amazing product gives you the tools to tackle any job you might have.

Weldpro Digital TIG ACDC 200GD

Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD is the company’s flagship TIG welder that features a plethora of settings allowing you to adjust the welding parameters for any situation. This reliable and affordable welder is mainly used as a TIG welder but it also has stick welding capabilities.

Weldpro Digital TIG ACDC 200GD

The Weldpro comes with the welder itself, a torch with an independent trigger switch, a rocker-style foot pedal, a grounding clamp and cable, a flow meter, a 110v adapter, and finally an electrode holder for stick welding. The product runs on DC by default and this simplifies much of the settings, but it can easily be changed to AC mode.

This product is a great option for any welding situation. The display shows a bunch of different adjustments such as pulse frequency, upslope, downslope, AC balance, AC frequency, even start, peak, and end amps. These adjustable settings help you control weld bead size, amperage output, and levels of penetration.

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The amount of control the welder gives you shines most when it is used in pulse mode. The Weldpro TIG 200DG allows you to set both the peak and base amperage of each pulse, as well as the pulses per second.

The ability to set peak and base amperage in pulse mode lets you control the temperature input in your parent material. By constantly fluctuating between the two, the machine allows you to minimize the chances of warping and maintain the integrity of both steel and aluminum alike.

Besides the peak and base amperage control, you can also set the peak on time. This refers to the duration per pulse that the electrode is on its peak current. Longer peak on time gives you more time to apply filler to the weld pool.

Pulse frequency control, on the other hand, gives you greater control when applying a filler. Slower pulse frequencies make applying filler to your weld much easier and result in a consistent job with little to no splatter on the product.

The only issue we have with the machine is the user-friendliness of the interface. The lack of concrete numbering in the knob leads to a slightly confusing time when adjusting the different settings. Despite this, the product still operates remarkably.

The Weldpro comes at a very affordable price especially when you consider its flexibility as a pulsed welding machine. The ability to switch between TIG and stick welding and the addition of a variable pulse mode makes this an extremely versatile welder.

Everlast PowerMTS 251Si

The Everlast Power MTS 251Si boasts incredible functionality with its ability to operate in MIG, TIG, and even stick mode without issue. Its pulse settings also minimize spatter and the need for post-welding work. This top-shelf product brings a ton of value for a very affordable price.

Everlast PowerMTS 251Si

This package contains a lot of different components that cover the welder’s varied uses. Each purchase comes with a 12-foot torch with a 35 Dinse-style connector, a 10-foot 36 MIG torch with a Euro-style quick connect fitting, a stick electrode holder with a cable, a work clamp with a cable, an argon gas regulator, and lastly a rock-style foot pedal.

The product’s synergic MIG function further streamlines the already straightforward process of MIG welding. MIG welding utilizes a welding gun that feeds wire as you weld. Synergic function means that the wire feeding speed is dependent on the voltage input. This gives you wire feeding that is consistent with what your current voltage setting calls for and it automatically adjusts as it changes.

This synergic function can easily be overridden, however, should you need full control. It can even be turned off and the machine can run on manual MIG mode.

Another feature that makes this product great is its nine-channel memory function. This allows you to save preferred settings for different materials that you will work with. Material type and thickness play a large role in how you want to set your welder up, and this feature just makes it easier to transition between different materials.

As with most welders, the machine works as a dual voltage and safely operates with both 120v and 240v power input. Refer to the user manual for all the details regarding maximum rated amperage for each welding mode. Operating on 120v limits MIG and TIG welding to 150 amps while the stick mode is even further behind at 125 amps.

The only real issue we have with this product is not in its performance but in its screen layout. With MIG, TIG, and stick capabilities, the screen is dense with settings and information. All this info can get cluttered and confusing when setting up the product.

For a mid-price welder, Everlast gives far more than most. It’s MIG, DC TIG, and DC stick compatibility makes it great for varied work while the memory function saves you the hassle of having to re-optimize the parameters whenever you move onto a different material or thickness. The product is well-deserving of its praise.

PrimeWeld TIG225X AC/DC With Pulse

The final pulse welder on this list is PrimeWeld TIG225X. This budget-friendly TIG welder that will get the job done without a hitch. It has everything you might need from a standard TIG welder with the additional key feature of pulse control.

PrimeWeld TIG225X AC DC With Pulse

Each PrimeWeld TIG225X package includes the welding machine, a CK17 flex torch with CK flex tubing, a high-quality foot pedal, a standard argon flow meter, a 315 amp rated ground lead, an independent trigger, extra torch components, a stick electrode holder, a welding mask, and lastly a TIG225X user guide.

As mentioned, the machine can run as either a TIG or a stick welder, although you get your money’s worth when you run it as a pulsed TIG welder.

The machine features a switch that can run no pulse, high-pulse, or low-pulse setting TIG welding. The low-pulse mode gives you access to a frequency of 0.5 to 10 pulses per second while high-pulse allows you to go from anywhere between 10 to 200 pulses per second. The exact pulse setting can be adjusted using the pulse frequency knob on the machine.

Pulse settings also consider base current control which sets the percentage of total current the arc drops down to and pulse duty cycle which sets the duration of the high point during the pulse. A feature like this is usually reserved for the more expensive machines, so for PrimeWeld to include this in an affordable machine is a big bonus.

When maxed out at 225 amps, the PrimeWeld TIG225X performs extremely well with a smooth and consistent arc on no pulse while still providing extremely accurate pulses when pulse mode is on. Even when welding aluminum, this machine can run consistently on AC with high-pulse on at 200 Hertz. This is an astounding achievement as most welding machines running on AC will cut off at 20 Hertz.

However, the product still comes with a slight issue. The included foot pedal is not the most ergonomic tool out there. The pedal can move and slide as you’re using it, leading to an uncomfortable amperage control. Thankfully, this is easily remedied by using a different foot pedal altogether.

PrimeWeld TIG225X is a surprising product, to say the least. Most machines that provide this kind of consistency and output will cost a lot more. This is a highly reliable pulsed welder for a very agreeable price and we highly recommend it.

What To Look When Buying A Pulsed Welder

Purchasing a good pulse welder can be a daunting task. There are so many variables to consider when picking the right one for you. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list down a few things you should always look out for before buying a Pulse welder.

  • TIG vs MIG

The two main welding techniques associated with pulsed welding are TIG welding and MIG welding. TIG welding usually requires both hands to weld one hand operates the welding gun and the other holds the filler metal. This gives you greater control when applying the filler.

MIG welding, on the other hand, directly feeds the filler through the gun itself. The filler then acts as an electrode for the arc to run through towards the parent metal.

  • Pulse Frequency Settings

If you’re looking for a pulse welder, then it is safe to assume you are looking for the consistent current control that these kinds of tools can give you. So it’s only natural that you look for pulse frequency capabilities.

Most pulse welders can go anywhere from 0.5 pulses per second to 400 pulses per second. Knowing what kind of input you have, whether it be AC or DC, can greatly affect your output.

  • Material To Be Worked With

One major consideration you must have when welding is the material you will be working with. Different materials require different welding techniques. TIG welding usually covers most alloys and even aluminum, making it a great pulsed welder choice.

Synergic pulse welders, in particular, automatically change depending on the material you input in the settings making it all the more important to be familiar with the materials you plan to work with.

  • AC vs DC

AC and DC refer to the types of current that you can operate with using your machine. DC, or direct current, is the more common of the two types. DC usually offers greater advantages when welding steel and it also provides considerably less spatter compared to AC.

Luckily, there are a lot of good machines that can run both AC and DC, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Accurate Machine Interface

This might seem like a basic consideration but it’s a crucial one nevertheless. Checking for the accuracy of your machine interface is extremely important for maintaining a safe and quality welding job. A machine that performs a few amps or voltages off can dictate whether or not the weld is successful.

You’ll want a machine that does a good job of communicating its settings with minimal clutter and confusion.

  • Included Welding Apparatus

Most welding machines come with their own welding guns, foot pedals, and independent switches depending on the machine you purchase. While some products spoil you with top-of-the-line tools like CK torches, others leave you with sub-par torches and pedals that are both uncomfortable and flimsy.

This can be easily remedied by using your own apparatus that you’re comfortable with. It’s better than forcing yourself to use something just because it came free with the package.

  • Overall Product Durability

One of the most important considerations you should note before purchasing a pulse welder is the machine’s overall durability. Welding machines are supposed to be heavy-duty pieces of equipment meant to handle a lot of energy and maintain a lot of heat. Having a flimsy product can put you and your project at risk.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the reception of a potential purchase. Thankfully, there are a lot of different reviews out there that will help you get a better idea of how durable a machine is.


With so much information out there, learning to weld can be very intimidating. That’s why we’ve brought together this comprehensive list of the best pulse welders. No matter what welding job you have in ahead, we’re sure that one of these amazing products can get the task done.

If you’re looking for the best pulse MIG welder for beginners then Millermatic 255 can definitely help you out. If you’re comfortable with welding but need a wider range of uses, then Everlast Power MTS 251Si and its TIG, MIG, and stick welding capabilities would be a great fit for you. Finally, if you’re an everyday handyman looking for a reliable pulse welder for a good price then consider Weldpro Digital TIG ACDC 200GD.

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