Best Stud Welder: Everything You Need To Know About Stud Welding

Stud welding is a niche welding process that allows you to join a threaded or non-threaded stud on a base plate. The technique is essential for several different industries, such as automotive manufacturing, house repair, or simple workshop projects. That is why more and more people are investing in high-quality stud welders.

At its best, a stud welder can take 0.06 seconds to affix a stud to a metal surface effectively. A good stud welding gun can save hours of your time thanks to its simple and straightforward application. But, with so many great options out there, it can be challenging to find the perfect one for you.

That’s why we’ve created this list of the best stud welding guns currently on the market. In this guide, we will be going through each product’s numerous parts and features to find the best one for you. Keep reading for comprehensive reviews of the top 5 products and a few tips you should consider before buying one of these machines.

Stud Welder Comparison Chart

Name & Brand
Noteable Features
H & S Autoshot 4550Stud Ease Technology
18 Pounds
Check Price
Motor Guard JO1050 Heavy Duty Hammer
17 Pounds
Check Price
Chicago Stud WelderD Handle Design
15.62 Pounds
Check Price
StudPro 2500XI Welder30/Stud Per Min
49.2 Pounds
Check Price
Ting Ao 86PCS WelderStar Pull Pads Holder 
9.03 Pounds
Check Price

The Top Five Stud Welder Guns For You

Stud welding is an efficient process that can make your work a lot easier, but the sheer options on the market can be dizzying. Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you! We’ve put together some of our top picks so you don’t have to spend hours on Amazon trying to find the right product.

H&S AutoShot Uni-4550 Starter Stud Welder

The Uni-4550 stud welding kit is a great product to start the list. This device gives you everything you need to start stud welding right away. H&S AutoShot developed this welder to give beginners an accessible introduction into stud welding while still giving veterans a simple and reliable tool.

H&S AutoShot Uni-4550 Starter Stud Welder

Each stud welding kit comes with the Uni-4550 stud welder, a 1016 deluxe slide hammer, and a box with 500 flexpert welding studs. These studs come in 2.2 mm as default and should last you quite a while without replenishing.

The 4550 stud welder comes equipped with a 1004 stud welding tip that utilizes the exclusive “stud ease” technology for extra security. If you find yourself needing a more substantial stud, then you’ll be glad to know that the 1004 stud welding tip accepts any kind of stud up to 2.6 mm in diameter.

The welder itself comes in a 110-volt configuration, giving you adequate power without being a utility hog. The trigger is springy and responsive, reducing the chance of any misfires or other accidents. The machine even comes with an integrated overload relay as an extra safety precaution against overheating.

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As part of the stud welder kit, it also comes with an impressive slide hammer with a four-jaw collet tip for maximum grip. This bonus makes automobile repair a breeze when used in conjunction with the 4550 stud welder. This welding machine is made with auto repair in mind, and it only makes sense that they give you all the tools you need to get the job done.

Using the machine is easy. All you need to do is insert the stud into the 1004 welding tip, press down onto the target metal, and pull the trigger. About a quarter second should be enough to give you a nice clean weld with minimal burn marking.

The only issue we have with the product is the stud accommodations. Although it can accept studs up to 2.6 mm in diameter, some critical studs used in industrial projects with wider diameters are simply not compatible with the Uni-4550. It’s essential to be familiar with the type of project you’re tackling before purchasing this welder; otherwise the product might not meet your expectations.

The H&S AutoShot Uni-4550 stud welder is an excellent stud welder that is a great option for any beginner looking for a simple tool. The simplicity, safety, and incredible power of this machine make it well-worth its mid-range price point.

StudPro 2500XI Stud Welder

The StudPro 2500XI stud welder is the ideal option if you’re looking for a welder capable of using larger threaded studs. The more extensive stud accommodation allows you to use this stud welder in various industrial projects that would be difficult for other stud welders.

StudPro 2500XI Stud Welder

This new device comes full of great features to streamline the welding process. The kit comes with the StudPro 2500XI welding unit, a 25’ stud welding gun cable, two 15’ ground cables, and an assortment of threaded studs along with the corresponding collets for each size.

You get four different stud sizes in the accessory kit; 6-32 x ½, 8-32 x ¾, 10-32 x ¾, and ¼-20 x 1. Before you can start welding, the welding gun requires some assembly. All you need to do is insert a stud into the appropriate collet, insert the collet into the gun shaft, and tighten the nut to secure it. Now attach the foot piece to the gun, and you’re good to go. The manual has clear diagrams for each piece to make assembly easier.

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To get welding, input your preferred settings on the intuitive touchscreen panel before placing the stud on your desired spot. Place direct downward pressure and pull the trigger. Once the weld is complete, pull the welding gun straight up to avoid any misalignment. You can place another stud immediately without removing the collet if you plan on using the same size. Otherwise, you’ll have to swap out the collet before placing a new stud.

A great feature with this machine is its universal input voltage, making it usable with 110 and 220-volt outlets. The device also has thermal and voltage protection to minimize overheating and other potentially dangerous accidents. Lastly, the StudPro easily welds onto metals such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.

The only minor issue we have with this stud welder is its assembly and setting component. Learning how to fix and set your unit appropriately can be overwhelming for newbies, but once mastered, the machine gives you a wide array of different possibilities.

The StudPro 2500XI stud welder is the perfect device for any well-seasoned welder. The easy-to-use touchscreen, varied collets, and its extensive variability justify its higher price. If you want something that can get pretty much any job done, then the StudPro 2500XI stud welder is definitely for you.

Chicago Electric Stud Welder Dent Repair Kit

The Chicago Electric Stud Welder is an extremely cost-efficient option if you’re looking to make some simple dent repairs. This machine gives you a unit that’s easy to use and is effective even in a stud welding novice’s hands. With moderate power and a good number of consumables, this stud welder is not one to overlook.

Chicago Electric Stud Welder Dent Repair Kit

Each purchase of this stud welder comes with the welding unit, a small two-pound slide hammer, a hundred 2.0 mm welding studs, a hundred 3.0 mm welding studs, a 2.0 mm welding tip, a 3.0 mm welding tip, and an instruction manual. This kit’s components make it easy to tackle superficial dents right away without needing to buy anything extra.

The stud welder keeps things simple with minimal set-up required. All you need to do is ensure that you’re using the correct size welding tip and stud for the job, and you’re good to go. The two-hand format and rear trigger give you extra stability and accuracy when using the machine leading to better welds.

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Connect the device to a 120-volt wall socket and place the welding stud directly on the desired spot. Press down until both the welding stud and tip are no longer visible, and the ground sleeve is completely parallel with the parent metal. Quickly push the trigger for no longer than a second and pull the machine straight out. Avoid pulling out at an angle to minimize the chance of bending the stud.

Now all you have to do is secure the protruding end of the stud into the hammer, secure it using the wheel at the tip, and repeatedly slide the hammer back until the dent pops back. Don’t overuse the hammer to avoid warping the metal.

A great thing about this stud welder is that it comes with an integrated circuit breaker that cuts the power when there’s too much heat on the tip. This feature also keeps you from damaging your target material with over welding.

The Chicago Electric stud welder is an example of a simple yet effective dent repair welder. It doesn’t boast outrageous capabilities and complicated features, but it gives you an easy process with remarkably consistent results for a low asking price. If you’re looking to fix some dents on a budget, then the Chicago Electric stud welder is the ideal choice for you.

Ting Ao Stud Welder And Dent Puller Repair Kit

The Ting Ao Stud Welder is an exciting and unique entry into this list of great welders thanks to its one-of-a-kind design and capabilities. Whereas some of the other welders focus on placing single studs for isolated dents, Ting Ao makes use of wiggle wire and star pads for addressing linear scratches.

Ting Ao Stud Welder And Dent Puller Repair Kit

Each purchase comes with a long list of components. You get the Ting Ao welding gun itself, 10 wiggle wires, a slide hammer, 50 straight pull rings, 10 star pulling pads, five graphite rods, a graphite rod holders, a seven-finger dent pulling claw, and a stainless steel pulling hook.

This entire kit focuses on giving you all the accessories you might need to fix any dent or scratch on a metal surface. The wiggle wire and pulling claw help address long linear scratches and dents while the slide hammer can help fix isolated dents. The star pulling pads and straight pull ring give you flexible pulling angles for any kind of dent.

Because the kit does not come with an actual welding machine, you’ll need to get yourself one that fits your budget. Once you hook it up to your Ting Ao welding gun, you’ll have a bunch of different options at your disposal.

If you have a long linear scratch, the best way to handle this is by utilizing the wiggle wire. You can do this by placing the wiggle wire perpendicular to the target metal and welding down the waves touching your target metal. You can then set the seven finger claw into the wiggle wire slots for pulling.

For isolated dents, you can either choose to use studs of the graphite rods. You can straighten out dents using the graphite rods by attaching them to your welding gun and making direct contact with the target metal. Quickly pull the trigger to bind the rod to the target metal and gently pull out the dent. Give it a small twist to remove the rod.

One major drawback of this purchase is that it lacks its own power source. You’ll either need to use an old welding source to hook up to the gun or purchase a completely new one to use for this package. But with all that, you’ll have unparalleled dent repair coverage.

Overall, the Ting Ao Welder repair kit gives you all the accessories you need to handle any dent for a reasonable price.

Motor Guard JO-1050 Magna Spot Entry-Plus Welding Kit

The Motor Guard JO-1050 is a great way to cap off this list. This all-American brand gives you the benefits of a high-quality stud welding in an easy-to-use format. The simple and lightweight design makes it easy to use repeatedly without fatigue. The brand focuses on giving you the best tools for handling automobile repair, especially with dents and scratches.

Motor Guard JO-1050 Magna Spot Entry-Plus Welding Kit

The Entry-Plus kit gives you the 1500 series stud welder, a quality slide hammer, a nine-foot power cord, a Magna Pin electrode, and 250 2.0 mm welding pins. All these components allow you to start welding from the moment you open the box, which means there’s no need to fiddle with any confusing settings or controls, just plug-and-play.

Setting up the JO-1050 welder is simple. All you have to do is place the pin holder electrode into the center of the ground collar and tighten. Then insert the pin into the electrode. The Magna Pin system should secure the pin and prevent it from falling out, no matter the welding gun’s orientation.

Using the welder is as simple as it can be. Just push the pin and electrode against whatever metal you want to weld until the ground collar is flush with the target metal. Briefly pull the trigger to weld the pin and pull the gun back in a straight line. The welding gun also comes with a Motor Guard’s Low-Heat technology to act as an extra safeguard against burn-throughs.

To use the slide hammer, just insert the pin into the tip and secure it with the top wheel. Repeatedly hammer back the slide as straight as possible until the dent pops back into place. The 250 welding pins should last you a good while before you have to replenish your stock.

The Entry-Plus kit does well on its own, but we wish it came with a few more options. The kit would have significantly benefited from a 3.0 electrode attachment for different projects, instead of limiting the customer to a 2.0 setting. With that said, the machine still works incredibly well.

All in all, the Motor Guard JO-1050 Entry-Plus is a classic stud welding kit that doesn’t play around. It’s simple design mixed in with its well thought out features like the Magna Pin system and Low-Heat technology make this affordable stud welder an excellent tool for both newbie and veteran alike.

A Few Stud Welder Buying Tips

A stud welder is essential in a tool in dent repair. With that said, it can be challenging to choose a stud welder that perfectly fits your needs. So here are a few tips on choosing the best tool for you.

  • Welding Pin Sizes

A consideration you should have before committing yourself to a stud welder is the welding pin accommodations. Welding pin diameters can go anywhere from 2.0 mm to around an inch. Always keep this in mind because some projects will require larger pins, while others work better with smaller pins. Most basic stud welders can accommodate 2.0 to 3.0 mm pins, and these work best for automobile repair.

  • Included Electrode Tips

If welding pin sizes are significant to the welding process, then so are electrode tips. These tips are what hold the stud or pin in place during welding. A lot of different machines can switch between other electrodes for different studs, but not all can. Some even include alternate tips as part of their package, which makes them that much more thorough. Make sure you get a welder that can accommodate the size you need for the project at hand.

  • Know The Input Voltage

A rule of thumb when purchasing any kind of electronic is to take note of the input voltage. It can be a massive problem if you have an urgent need for a stud welder and accidentally buy one that’s incompatible with your workshop’s socket voltage. In that case, it would help to purchase an adapter or transformer to accommodate your new machine.

Otherwise, you should find a stud welder that will work seamlessly with your available sockets.

  • The Included Consumables

If you’re rushing to finish a job that requires some stud welding, then it’s imperative you have enough consumables on-hand. Welding pins and studs are just as crucial as the welder itself since you cannot get any work done without them. Many packages include hundreds of studs for you to use, but you can burn through these incredibly fast, especially with larger projects. Make your life easier and choose a package that gives you a lot of consumables.

  • Threaded vs Non-Threaded

The two main studs that you’ll find are threaded and non-threaded. Threaded studs are typically thicker and are in industrial projects, manufacturing, and building development. Non-threaded studs can have diameters as thin as 2.0 mm. These excel at automotive detailing and other metal repair scenarios. With all that said, it’s important that you know exactly what kind of project you will be tackling to anticipate which type of stud you should be using.

  • Stud Welder’s Weight

The stud welder is a handheld device that you will be holding for extended periods. It helps to get a lightweight but durable machine so you can do your work continuously without feeling fatigued. Some repair jobs require multiple continuous studs to be effective, and some even put you in awkward positions. Take note that stud welders with smaller non-threaded pin accommodations tend to be lighter than welders that can handle threaded studs.

  • Does It Come With A Slide Hammer?

One of the essential dent repair accessories is the slide hammer. A slide hammer is a tool that allows you to slowly pull out a dent using the stud placed with the welder. Many auto repair stud welders come with their own slide hammers, but not all do.

If you’re looking to buy a stud welder mainly for dent repair purposes, make sure you have a slide hammer on hand or get a package that comes with one included.


If you want a straightforward stud welder that shines when repairing all kinds of dented metal, check out the Chicago Electric Stud Welder. If you want a user-friendly stud welder that’s great for beginners but won’t lose out on value as you progress, consider the Motor Guard JO-1050 Entry plus. Lastly, if you want something a little heftier and can handle a plethora of threaded studs, the StudPro 2500XI Welder is the one for you.

Finding a welder shouldn’t be too difficult. In this guide, we’ve covered the in’s and outs of stud welding, and shown you 5 of the top products. We hope this information will lead you to better future projects!

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