Best Flux Core Wire Review – .030 vs .035: Which Welding Wire Is The Best?

Welding is not an everyday task that you can simply do like any other DIY around the house. It is a specialist process and requires the right training, tools and other accessories.

As a beginner in the welding job sector, you must understand the importance of having the best flux core wire and using the right one for the job. Today, we will compare the flux core wire .030 vs .035 to find which one you should use and why.

Welding is an extremely difficult job for beginners until they discover all the little tips and tricks which only comes with years of working as a welder.

Simply put, welding is the special method of joining two metals together – but, surely,it’s not that simple, is it?

No, it certainly is not!

As a novice welder, the method which is easiest to use is the flux core wire method instead of the MIG. It is much easier and flexible for beginners to get a smooth finish for their welds.

Before you start to get overwhelmed about which is the Top Flux Core Wire out of the many options available, we will make it easier for you to decide.

Today, we will review 3 of the best .030 and .035 flux core wires to change your welding experience for good.

Let’s get going now!

What Is A Flux Core Wire And Its Uses?

Before we jump into reviewing each of these flux core wires individually and discuss their strengths and weaknesses, we must clarify what it is and the uses of it.

A flux core wire, in terminology, is a flux-cored arc welding. It uses an automatic arc process for welding and is a viable option for all types of welding from general manufacture and fabrication. There are two main types of flux core wires which are: self-shielded & gas-shielded. Self-shielded, as the term refers to, doesn’t require any external gas while the gas-shielded wires need it.

So, if it is just another way to weld materials – why the extra peck of interest for beginners in it?

Well, simply put, it is a much more flexible option compared to the more rigid MIG method for welding. When comparing the two methods of using flux core wire or solid wires in MIG, it really depends on the specific job.

For example: if you are working with a thick metal and the job is outdoors, then the best option would be flux core wires. But if you are working with thinner metals indoors then the solid wire MIG method is best.

Quick situations when you should be using flux cored welding wire:

  • When you are new to welding & need to weld a broken metal
  • When you need to work with dirty or rusty metals
  • When you cannot afford expensive welding guns
  • When you are welding outdoors in a breeze or windy conditions
  • When you need to get a welding job done fast
  • When you are welding a metal, which is in an awkward position

Regardless, you must always ensure that you are adhering to a proper safety protocol with any welding project as fire is a very possible hazard.

Now, let’s get the review of the 6 flux core wires (3 of the size .030 & 3 of the size .035) started with a quick comparison and then we will look at each of them individually.

Best Flux Core Wire – Comparison Table

Name & BrandMaterialWeightPrice
INETUB BA71TGSCarbon Steel2 Pounds Check Price
Hobart H222106-R19Carbon Steel2 Pounds Check Price
Forney 42300Mild Steel
2 Pounds Check Price
Blue Demon 308LFC-O Carbon Steel2.13 pounds
Check Price
LINCOLN CO ED016354 Mild Steel
10.20 pounds
Check Price
1 Pounds Check Price

Top Three .030 Flux Core Wires Review

INETUB BA71TGS .030-Inch Flux Cored Welding Wire

The INETUB BA71TGS is a 2-pound spool of Carbon Steel Gasless Flux Cored Welding Wire. When you will be in the market looking for the best .030 flux welding wire, you will find INETUB as a reputed name.

INETUB BA71TGS .030-Inch Flux Cored Welding Wire

It is an excellent quality welding wire which is appropriate for use on basic to heavy-duty welding jobs. Both beginners and professionals in the welding industry for construction workshops in aircraft, automobile, etc. use this welding wire.

The INETUB is known to weld easily without any slag and with complete perfection. The heat penetration allows for flexibility and the arc is consistent. You will not experience excessive splattering and get a smooth welding result. You will be free of any worries when welding with this wire.

The gasless welding process offered by this fluxed core welding wire will allow you to draw out similarities to solid wire MIG welding, but smoother, cheaper, durable and more effective performance.

The most impressive feature of the INETUB .030 gasless welding wire is that you will not be left feeling suffocated with a cloud of smoke. Since it splatters much less than most others, you will get a clean welding result each time.

Get INETUB BA71TGS Wire at Amazon


  • Allows both single& multiple pass welding
  • Very low splatter& easy welding results
  • Suitable for all positions as shielding gas is not a requirement
  • Manufactured in Italy using the highest technology & fine quality, durable materials
  • Slag removal is easy compared to any random wire core


  • The wire can potentially create a real messy tangle; untwisting requires extra time, energy & effort while welding
  • Best results for single-pass welding only

Overall, the INETUB is one of the most economic options with maximum benefits for flux cored wire welding. You can spend less for an effective yet fully budget friendly option for welding up to ¼ inches thanks to its high feeding ability. It is also fully compatible with all types of MIG welders, even for thin materials.

Choose this wire and you will be left with a hassle free and stress-free welding experience, whether you are welding on flat, vertical or overhead surfaces.

Hobart H222106-R19 Flux-Cored Welding Wire

The Hobart is a 2-pound spool of CarbonSteel FluxCored Welding Wire of .030 inches. Only slightly more expensive than the INETUB, this welding wire by Hobart is of a highly promising quality and is among the most popular names in the .030 category of flux core welding wires.

Hobart H222106-R19 Flux-Cored Welding Wire

As an economically priced option, the Hobart is of impressive quality for handling various types of welding jobs ranging from light structural welds to railroads, cars and tanks assembly welds. It is perfectly partnered by the Hobart Handler for powerful & strong welds.

You will be relieved to get minimal splatter while welding mild steel materials and under pressure situations without too much complications. Allowing both single and multiple pass welding, you will be able to flexibly handle various welding conditions. This makes the Hobart a very affordable & beginner friendly option suitable for experts as well.

The most impressive factor of using the Hobart as a beginner is that you can rely on its results without exception. It runs hot and smooth, especially when you want to weld thingauge mild steel or galvanized steel. All the while with minimum splatter, even with multiple passes.

Get Hobart H222106-R19 at Amazon


  • Allows both single and multi-pass welding
  • Suitable for working in various positions
  • Perfect for welding galvanized steel or thingauge mild steel
  • Effective for basic welding to heavy duty, expert welding
  • Minimum splatter making it easy for welding
  • Reasonably priced with impressive features
  • High quality product made in the USA


  • Slightly pricier compared to other .030 fluxed core welding wires
  • It has the potential of creating a bit of smoke while welding

Overall, the Hobart, with its 2-pound spool of carbon steel gasless flux core welding wire, gives off a lot of positive vibes even before actual welding use. While welding, you will find it to be satisfactory in performance without having the break the bank in terms of costs. Having said that, there are cheaper alternatives in the same category as you will have noticed with the other wires reviewed.

Having chosen this wire for your welding, you will not be disappointed.

Forney 42300 Flux Core Mig Wire

The Forney Flux Core is a self-shielded MIGwelding wire which is specifically built for Mild Steel. This is our 3rd and final .030 fluxed core welding wire and the cheapest option on our review. Having said that, it is one of the most popular and no complain options for consumers in more ways than just one – the affordable price.

Forney 42300 Flux Core Mig Wire

Being suitable for any and all positions, this self-shielded MIG welding wire is effective on rusty, dirty and even painted materials. Whether you are a welding hobbyist or a pro repairman, you will be able to execute all types of professional workshop wire welding jobs with it. So, you will not have to use different types of welding wires for specific general purposes.

In terms of technicalities, there is a slight slag but it comes easily with a consistent weld. The splatter is not too much to disrupt the smooth welding process. Even at times of rush, you will be able to get a quick weld. Regardless of the slight splatter, the end result on the material will be a nice and smooth welding finish.

The Forney flux core welding wire is most impressive is that it runs much hotter than even solid wires making it extremely effective for single pass welding at a quick rate. Also, the metal condition is not a worry when welding with this wire under any circumstances. You will get the fastest welding speed or rate on rough metals using this welding wire.

Get Forney 42300 Wire at Amazon


  • Outstanding performance for single pass welding
  • Suited to quick, fast and speedy welding
  • Effective on materials which are dirty, rusty or even painted
  • Perfect for professional welding workshops for beginners and experts
  • Suitable for basic to heavy-duty welding tasks


  • Care needed for first time users to avoid welding disasters
  • Metals should be welded in clean condition to avoid troubles

Overall, the Forney is one of those welding wires which will have your free of headaches during your welding projects. We have not just reviewed these three, but many other flux core welding wires and the Forney is quite easily the cheapest while also being the most effective.

Whether as a beginner or as a professional, you will not regret taking the Forney welding wire into your welding workshop.

Top 3 .035 Flux Core Wires Review

Blue Demon 308LFC-O .035 flux cored gasless welding wire

Blue Demon is a very reputed name in the welding industry and this spool of the stainless-steel flux cored gasless welding wire is no different to its brand identity. The Blue Demon solid, stainless-steel fluxed core welding wire at .035 inches can prove to be a very well-deserving addition to your welding workshop tools.

Blue Demon 308LFC-O .035 flux cored gasless welding wire

As a welding hobbyist, you will get full satisfaction upon using this welding wire to weld without the worry of any rust. This is applicable for both basic and premium level, heavy-duty welding projects, as long as you ensure that the metal surface is fresh and free of debris. Without any debris on the metal surface, you reduce the risk and potential of splatter and guarantee safe, smooth & impressive results.

Since this is a larger diameter welding wire at .035 inches, you will need to operate at higher power settings. Even if you work with mild steel, this welding wire will require more power compared to other flux core welding wires for similar tasks. The ideal power needed is between 220 to 240 volts for the finest results.

Get Blue Demon E71TGS at Amazon


  • Great quality product made in the USA
  • Perfect for both home workshop use
  • Easy welding for stainless steel on any position
  • Looksgreat and works great on mild steel
  • Good premium priced option for .035 flux core welding wires
  • For working with stainless steel, this is a sure shot option


  • Expensive
  • The wire must be moved to avoid clumping
  • Without gas use may increase likelihood for splatters while welding
  • Most effective for single-pass welding only
  • Some users have noticed inconsistencies in welding results

Overall, the Blue Demon comes at a premium price, among the .035 flux cored welding wires offering the best of both in terms of quality and performance. With a low likelihood of splatter, it runs smooth and hot to be one of the favorites in terms of welding wire manufactures or brands.

If you are looking for a premium gas less fluxed core wire which is effective across all positions for working on things like galvanized roofing sheets – this will get the job done. An excellent choice for welding carbon steel, galvanized mild steel without any fuss.

LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO ED016354 .035 10LB FluxCore Wire

Up next is the LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO flux core welding wire at .035 inches which comes in a spool of 10 pounds. On surface, it seems to be the most expensive welding wire we are reviewing today, but when accounted for its 10 lb. spool against the 2 lb. spool of the others, we find it to be reasonably priced.

LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO ED016354 .035 10LB FluxCore Wire

Lincoln is always associated with some of the best names in the industry by welding professionals among the .035 fluxed core welding wire manufacturers. There is a good reason behind it – it is value for money with its quality and performance. It is among those wires which ensures that you get a splatter less weld for an overall smooth welding process from just a single pass.

As welding professionals, metals that are worked on are not fresh and clean, they are filled with debris and rust. They are old, rough metals which not only need a professional hand but heavy-duty products such as this. This welding wire makes it easy to handle rusty, sturdy metals with ease.

The fluxed core welding wire by Lincoln Electric Co offers an extra bit of versatility which is unexpected given its mid-range pricing among other heavyweight products priced to be much more expensive.

Get LINCOLN ED016354 Wire at Amazon


  • Excellent value for money product
  • Smoot feed with no splatter
  • Effective on rough surface for any condition of metals
  • Suitable for home projects & workshops
  • Being a professional quality product, it is still fairly easy for beginners to train & use
  • Compatible with MIG welding


  • Creates a bit of slag
  • Cheaper among .035 brands

Overall, Lincoln Electric Co offers a fluxed core welding wire which is ranked among the best in .035 wires but priced to be affordable in comparison. Its competitors in the same range of products such as Blue Demon & INETUB are slightly more expensive.

Famous for their quality, this wire is no exceptions when it comes to working in tough conditions with rough metals for an overall pleasing welding application.

INETUB BA71TGS .035-Inch Flux Cored Welding Wire

The INETUB as we have reviewed the .030 diameter welding wire earlier, is the same manufacturer with the larger diameter of the fluxed core welding wire at .035 inches. This too is a spool of 2 pounds and the quality and specifications are otherwise the same as other INETUB products as a Carbon Steel Gasless Flux Cored Welding Wire.

INETUB BA71TGS .035-Inch Flux Cored Welding Wire

We also discussed how INETUB is a reputed manufacturer and when looking in the market for carbon steel gasless welding wire of .035 inches, you will find INETUB as one of the best. These wires offer the highest wire feeding ability along with smooth arc action during welding by both beginners and experts at the workshop or in your garage.

It is easily one of the top best choices for beginner welders because it offers ease of use and minimum splatter making your welding effortless and consistent. Also, it comes at a price which is not too high making it affordable as your first choice. Do not associate its lower price with lower quality, because it is not inferior to others such as Lincoln Electric or Blue Demon.

When you look to go for perfectly smooth welding, you must choose the right type of metals which in the case of this welding wire is low-carbon steels. The welded joining will be solid and will leave seamlessly great results.

Get INETUB BA71TGS at Amazon


  • One of the highest feeding abilities
  • Very easy to use and train with for beginners
  • Free of any porosity for joining
  • It is easy to remove any slag
  • Great for all types of awkward positions
  • Supports both single and multi-pass welding
  • Made in Italy with finest quality materials


  • Do not expect a splatter-free weld as there will be minimum splatter
  • While less than most, splatter is still a concern
  • Suited to smoothest & perfect welds only on low carbon steel

Overall, the INETUB is without doubt a great brand and this product is one of the best on offer by the manufacturer. While cheaper than most others in the category, it is not inferior in quality or performance.

If you are looking for a .035 core flux welding wire which is reasonably priced but premium in quality, then the INETUB is a solid choice for you!

.030 Vs .035 Flux Core Wire: Which One Is Better For What?

Now, we have covered each of these excellent flux core wires in both sizes in terms of the basics, now let’s get to the verdict – which one is better .030 vs .035!

First of all, it is very important to understand what each of these numbers represents and if you have not become clear by now, it refers to the diameter of the welding rod. These numbers can also be found written as .30 & .35 but meaning the same thing – the thickness of a rod.

When debating which one is better, you will have some welders who will confidently say that one is better than the other – it is just not true! The answer of which one is better is highly dependent on the specific welding project.

Which one is better for what?

.035 welding wires are best for welding metals with thickness of more than 16 gauge and the .030 welding wires are best for any metals thinner than that.

In essence, the thicker the rod the more amp it will require and as a result, it will burn hotter and get a deeper penetration. Consequently, .035 will also be more effective with thicker metals. In contrast, it will be less effective and not suitable for use with thinner metals.

So, if you are welding metals that have a thickness of less than .25 inches, then .035 flux core wire is better for you. But if you are welding metals which are thinner than that, then the .030 flux core wire is the better choice. You must realize that the difference is very small and it is the fine line which separates average jobs from flawless ones.

Another thing to consider is your welder. If you have a welder that runs at 210 volts then .030 is the best one. While 250-volt welders will work best with .035 flux core wires.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Flux Core Welding Wire

Before you go and purchase your desired flux core welding wire from our best six reviewed here, we will leave you with some of the crucial things to consider. You already know the basics from this review among others, the pros and cons of specific ones, etc. but the following are some things to make your welding process smooth:

  • Why You Are Buying It

One of the first things to ask yourself is why you are actually buying the wire.

Are you an advanced welder with experience, or a beginner who is looking to test the water, or if you are just a complete novice in the welding industry?

Because your ideal choice will depend on your level of expertise.

  • Your Project Type

It is important to define your project accurately and it will make it easy for you to find out exactly what you may need. You will select the product based on your specific project requirements. Every job has specific needs and those are fulfilled by specific tools.

Now, if you are working on a big project which requires expensive flux wires then you will have a proportional budget as well. So, if you are looking to any of the following projects such as:

  • Automobile workshop repairing
  • Industrial construction sites
  • Ship manufacturing welds
  • Or other industrial repairing or manufacturing, etc.

Then, you must consider investing in higher quality materials. These bigger projects or welding jobs with cheaper wires or tools will leave you with a messy result – so consider the type of your project for setting a budget.

  • Your Budget

As we have discussed in a quick point, flux core wires are more expensive compared to the solid MIG wire. So, what you set as your budget is an important factor. You need to make sure you are able to get all your essentials within your budget.

  • Choosing A Trusted Manufacturer

You should always select a manufacturer which is experienced and trusted in the industry. This will ensure that you are not left with products which are below standards without any manufacturer warranty or support.

So, it is recommended by experts for consumers to always choose a well-reputed manufacturer which has been working in the industry for many years. This will ensure that you will get reliable & durable products with helpful customer support.

  • Difference Between Flux Core& Solid Welding Wires

As you know, there are some clear differences between the two types. So, depending on your welding machine capacity, the metal you are welding, the condition of the metal, whether you are welding indoors or outdoors, if you are a beginner or an expert welder, you will have to choose the most appropriate one.

There is not a clear answer of which one is better. But if you want a clear one to use for most types of situations then of course the MIG solid wire is the one. However, there are clear advantages of using flux core, as it is easier, more convenient and the best way for beginners to weld.

Advantages of Using Flux Cored Wire

As we already know, there are 2 types of the flux cored welding wires: gas-shielded and self-shielded. Both types are primarily used for arc welding and they produce slag which helps the welding process by letting it cool.

In terms of advantages, there are many such as the fact that flux coating of these welding wires allows it to harden faster than others. This is ideal for welding in awkward positions such as vertical or overhead welding.

The self-shielding flux-cored wires do not require an external source of shielding gas because as the flux coating of the welding wire burns, that gas is produced. As a result, they are ideal for outdoor welding jobs. Without the need for shielding gas, welding machines specifically designed for fluxed core welding wires are more compact and portable.

It is not that you cannot use gas-shielded flux-cored wires entirely, they are most definitely used and most appropriate for welding thicker metals. They are also great for out-of-position welding jobs and applications.

The popularity of flux-cored welding wires is due to its many benefits, the most popular being its effectiveness for use during windy conditions. They are also very much more durable in the face of rusting or debris which is commonly associated with outdoor metals.

Flux core welding wire is definitely a very special type of welding wire with its fair share of benefits to the welding industry. The special filler material and the arc welding method simplifies the welding process.

The following are some other quick benefits:

  • Best for use outdoors
  • Effective regardless of how dirty, rusted, broken or cracked the metal may be
  • Best option for learning or perfecting welding skills
  • Most appropriate for welding metals which cannot be completely cleaned
  • Best for welding over galvanized steel
  • Great option for a low voltage welder to weld thick materials
  • Most economic, affordable and beginner-friendly option for effective welding
  • Great for quick welding of thick metals
  • Excellent for awkward positions or out of the ordinary positions welding jobs

Bottom line: Flux core wire is a great choice for a strong, clean & quick weld even by novice welders!

Disadvantages of Using Flux Cored Wire

Now, all things can’t just be perfect about using fluxed core wires, can it?

This is something you may be thinking about and rightfully so, it is best we follow up with some cons for all the pros.

For indoor welding, flux welding wires will not be most suitable because the flux core chemicals will not have natural air to react with as it melts. This will cause a poor welding job. The welding will get cracks or will not hold together at all.

Also, if you are using gas-shielded flux core welding wire, they are much more complicated and not at all suitable for beginners. It is only for heavy-duty, expert welding.

Some quick disadvantages or cons to consider:

  • May prove to be more expensive
  • Not suitable for all types of welding
  • Not a complete replacement for solid wire MIG welding


As a beginner in the welding job or industry, you will not be aware of all the techniques in welding as they only come with years of practice and experience on the job. However, a little bit of research can go a long way if you are looking to try out welding.

We have studied the market for the different types of welding wires and tried to settle the debate surrounding the best flux core wire .030 vs .035 – so what do you think, have we got a winner?

Now that you know more about both of these types of flux cored welding wires, you will agree that each of them is specifically manufactured for certain welding jobs and the best one is a conditional statement dependent on a particular job.

Flux core wires are compatible with a wide variety of metals both thick & thin including nickel alloys, stainless steel, low-alloy steel, mild steel, etc. As the first steps, make sure you know which type of metal you are welding, the condition of the metal, the welding environment (outdoors or indoors, windy, etc.) and the capacity of your welding machine to know which welding wire to pick.

For beginners, general welding will be sufficient with the .030 flux core wire and the .035 is more suited to a more powerful welding machine which may not be for novice welders. As a beginner, you will find the flux-cored wire method to be most convenient and effective.

Hope you are now more aware and capable of choosing the top quality flux core wire on your own.

Let us know your thoughts, comments and suggestions for beginners in the welding industry.

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