Best Cheap Welders (MIG, TIG, STICK) to Hunt for in 2021

Best cheap welder

Tinkering with metals and welding them is fun when done right. Of course, you’ll need top-notch machinery to get started. Cheap welding tools are the way to go if you’re a beginner or need something for backyard repair gigs.

Just to be clear: I don’t mean low-quality garbage that people frequently buy. When I say, “Best Cheap Welders,” I mean low-cost products offered by brands that optimize price and performance.

When you’re a beginner and are just getting off the blocks, you hardly know anything about blacksmithing, workshops, and repair gigs. Buying costly machines will end up in financial damage for you. Besides, it’s always ideal to test drive with a low-end item to get the basics right.

Low-cost welding machines are perfect foils for people who don’t weld metals frequently. These things offer you a bit of space to learn and experiment with your knowledge until you become a pro. Even if you end up damaging a machine, maintenance won’t cut too deep into your wallets.

Case and point: Low-cost tools have their own set of benefits. However, you’ll need to look long and hard to find the ideal match that complements your style and it’s tricky.

Well, that’s why I’m here! I’ve designed this guide (or article, whatever you call it) to let you in on some of the top products and their benefits. As a norm, I’ve put a buying guide towards the end. This describes my research process and how I chose these machines. Let’s get to it then!

Best Budget Welders – Comparison

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Forney Easy Weld 261
Forney Easy Weld 261
  • Wire feed speed control
  • Infinite voltage
  • Lightweight 19 lbs
  • IGBT inverter technology
  • 2-in-1 welder
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Energy efficient
  • Multi use
  • Digital display
AHP AlphaTIG Tig Welder
AHP AlphaTIG Tig Welder
  • Dual voltage
  • Easy to use
  • 3 year warranty
Forney Easy Weld 140
Forney Easy Weld 140
  • 3 in 1 stick welder
  • Infinite voltage
  • Wire feed speed controls
VIVOHOME Welder Machine
VIVOHOME Welder Machine
  • 10 welding speed
  • Lightweight
  • Superior oxidation resistance
Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld
Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld
  • Advanced temperature control
  • Easy to swap
  • Included FiberFlex universal rod

Top-Rated Cheap Welders You Can Get

Finding cheap or budget-friendly welders is easier said than done. As you know, people tend to weld different metals together following different techniques. I’ve researched every category and ended up selecting 7 of the best representing each section. Let’s get to the short reviews of these products.

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder

Starting out with the list, let’s focus on something popular. Forney easy weld is perfect when someone’s starting out with welding and wants an inexpensive tool. The “FC” in the name represents Flux Core welding. Thus, you don’t need to carry a shielding gas with this product.

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i MIG Welder

Specifically speaking, this thing packs in.30 flux wire. Forney Easy Weld is the perfect machine for MIG Welding in DIY projects and hobbyist escapades. I’d say the control panel is fairly detailed and easy to use considering this thing is a budget-friendly device for beginners.

Now, when I say easy to use, I mean it. One can carry it around with the nifty, well-placed handle. No, this machine is not hard to lift as it weighs only 19 pounds to be exact. You can carry it anywhere from your job site to the backyard as long as the welding work is not too taxing on you or on the device.

Get Forney Easy Weld 261 at Amazon

The control panel facilitates infinite wire and speed control. Users can use this device to weld things at their own pace. One can go quickly or slow depending on the need of the hour.

I think I must mention that it’s for Flux Welding only. It won’t be able to handle tasks where gas shielding is absolutely necessary.

What you have is an 8-feet MIG gun that can reach the distance if you need the machine to. I found the torch wrap interesting as well. It’s durable and keeps the torch well-shielded. Honestly, I didn’t expect this kind of safety mechanism from an entry-level device.

What I also didn’t expect is for it to be so powerful. This thing grants welders up to 140Amps of power if and when needed. That too, with a 120-Volt input level. I could even do some of my repair and maintenance work with it.

Forney Easy Weld 261 is quite capable of weld 24-gauge steel. This thing is small when you consider the competition. Yet, it generates the power to weld ¼-inch steel plates. This is a feat in itself.

To round everything up, you have a sturdy case that packs the accessories. The case is what you call “All Metal.” It’s big enough to hold 2-pound or 10-pound rolls welding wire.

What I Like about the Product

  • The fact that makers give you an opportunity to control wire feed speed at this price is great!
  • This thing even features a torch wrap to protect it from overheating and causing harm to users.
  • This thing comes housed in an “All Metal” case. It helps in protecting the tool from damages.
  • One can do flux core welding without any issues at an inexpensive price with Forney.
  • Price to performance ratio is something I appreciate very much with this welder.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • I wouldn’t suggest jumping the gun right after unpacking it. Read the manual before you put it to use.

AMICO POWER ATIG1852018 TIG-185/180 Amp HF TIG Torch/Stick/Arc Welder

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking, “Oh! what I wouldn’t give in exchange for a combo of TIG and MIG welders at an affordable price!” As it happens, AMICO POWER grants your wish with this nifty machine. One can do TIG and MIG welding both with it and with great stability to boot.


You can do a lot of things with this machine, literally. AMICO ATIG1852018 welds bronze, brass, cast iron, copper, chrome, and anything else you throw at it. I was skeptical at first. But to my surprise, the welding came out flawless and had the kind of polishing that I was looking for.

However, lightweight metals won’t fair so well with the item. For example, Aluminum welding is not its thing.

I liked the fact that AMICO stressed to provide good inverter technology in support of this welder. As a result, people can do stable ARC welding that’s strong and more concentrated than what similar products offer at this price. The power spikes won’t affect welding output one bit.

Get AMICO POWER ATIG1852018 at Amazon

The good thing was that I didn’t have to tweak any setting or flip any switch to get the job done. The inverter thingy kicks in automatically whenever temperature or voltage fluctuates.

Unlike some of the welding tools, the welding gun can adapt to the space you’re working with. Even in shorter welding space one can maneuver the gun and do design work just fine and in quick time.

Thanks to the dynamic options that you have with this, you can even adjust the intensity of the welding sessions. The machine can either be soft or hard on your welding plate depending on what you choose. It works great when you’re designing for your DIY projects.

People can leave it to the machine to control the temperature intensity and cycling through different modes. Yes, it can do all these things automatically as well without any hitches or tweaks.

Oh, and this thing supports dual voltage settings as well. One can start to weld at a voltage of 115V and 230V when it’s needed. Of course, it supports different power settings for TIG, Stick, and MIG welding to make it more convenient for the users. Just be sure to keep the duty cycle in mind.

Speaking of the “Duty Cycle,” AMICO ATIG185 grants a 60% duty cycle to people. This is great considering it’s a budget welder and offers so many bells and whistles within limits.

What I Like about the Product

  • This thing is a TIG and MIG welder. You get a 2-in-1 machine with an affordable price tag.
  • I got to use it with 115V and 230V respectively. I can safely say that it supports dual voltage.
  • With the super-maneuverable welding gun, one can even conduct business within tight spaces.
  • I’d say a 60% duty cycle is great considering it does TIG and MIG welding at the same time.
  • The welder adjusts to the temperature and welding wire speed needs automatically.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • AMICO ATIG1852018 doesn’t fair all that well with lightweight metals such as aluminum.

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder,160A ARC Welder Machine

When it comes to the best cheap welders, things can’t be better than owning a DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder. As usual, this thing comes with an IGBT technology-enabled control panel. The panel is detailed enough to give newbies an idea about what the machine is actually capable enough.

DEKOPRO 110/220V MMA Welder

Thanks to this, users can weld metals like steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. Another good thing about technology is that it provides clean power. Thus, the intricate parts of the machine don’t suffer from quality and performance drops. This alone is enough to win my vote.

The makers have made optimum use of the space and on-board panels of this machine. It looks compact. Also, DEKOPRO MMA Welder comes with a convenient handle that helps you lift the thing. One can take the welder anywhere he wants and needs its services.

Get DEKOPRO 110/220V at Amazon

For a little over 100 dollars, you can get a device with a detailed and simplified control mechanism. You have a knob that can be turned either left or right depending on how you want to adjust the power behind the welding gun. The “Current Meter” shows the voltage count that you’re working with.

There are two buttons at the top. One indicates power. The other flashes if the machine overheats for some reason or the other. The welding tool has an “Overheat Protection System” as well if something goes wrong. Meaning, it shuts down automatically at the slightest whiff of any troubles.

Don’t worry about the current flow. The output voltage that I got was stable during my time using it. I liked the percentage on the duty cycle as well. You must keep in mind that this thing is made for beginners and people who are in a bind in terms of budget. I liked the performance ratio.

Did you know, DEKO Pro is energy efficient as well? This machine reduces damages that we frequently see with Copper and Iron when welding.

The welding surface is superior to most of its competitors at this price range. That’s what leads to a fantastic output as far as pro-grade welding is concerned.

Before I forget, DEKOPRO features a “Closed Loop” voltage control. One can fit 10lb wires on the wire spool. Open the side door and you’ll find it. For bigger reels of wire, you’ll have to buy bigger and better adapters. I could use up to 21lbs of welding wire with this thing.

What I Like about the Product

  • I like how portable and easy-to-transport DEKOPRO is. Carrying it is never a hassle for me.
  • This is the perfect beginner-friendly welding tool if you want to get into tinkering things.
  • This is an energy-efficient machine that reduces damages to copper and cast-iron welding plates.
  • I liked the “Closed Loop” voltage control that leads to superior electricity usage and output.
  • Adjusting the welding gun’s power is as easy as turning a knob left or right. I enjoyed it.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • DEKOPRO won’t be able to handle heavy-duty welding like the big boys in it’s league.

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

AlphaTIG is a welder designed for hobbyists and professionals alike with an intriguing set of features. The good thing about this piece of welding technology is that you can connect it with both AC and DC power sources to ensure welding in diverse situations. You’ll have a new torch with this model.

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

If the earlier products on my list of the best budget welders were made for welding thick metals, this one is the opposite. With AHP AlphaTIG, you can weld lightweight metals like Aluminum and mild steel using either 110 or 220 Volts. Yes, this thing comes with dual-voltage support as well.

I must mention the fact that the product offers superior control when it comes to TIG welding. By superior control, I mean you’ll get a pedal that controls the intensity of the welding power needed.

Get 2018 AHP AlphaTIG at Amazon

I liked the fact that the makers included a TIG trigger with the package as well. This is a huge bonus for people who prefer to use a control switch when they’re going about welding lightweight metals.

Not to mention, you’ll have a standard torch and a set of consumables to go with the package. Let me tell you, the trigger switch works very well when you consider operating the torch intensity.

Like the other welding tools on the list, this one features an HF start (High-Frequency) to make sure you need just the right amount of power to start the process.

You might be asking, “What’s the power output on this device?” Well, this little piece of wonder gives you 150Amps of power output when playing with 110V input. Switch to 220V and you’ll be able to access the full range of TIG welding features that it has on offer. It goes up to 200Amps.

In one sentence, AHP AlphaTig makes the impossible happen. To do that, it utilizes PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and IGBT technology in tandem. The result? One gets stable power and the legs needed to conduct long welding sessions without any hiccups along the way. Impeccable? Yes, it is!

However, that’s not the end of what this tool has to offer. Professional welders also get “Cleaning Mechanism” that does what the name suggests AFTER a welding session. BUT this is only accessible when you’re running the machine on AC power rather than its DC alternative.

One last bit that I’d like to add is the “Duty Cycle” output to measure performance. I found the cycle to be 60% when working with 150Amps. It jumps up to 100% when utilizing 200 Amps.

What I Like about the Product

  • The end result you get after welding with this machine is superlative in quality.
  • It’s the best possible welder when you consider Arc welding as it provides a flawless arc.
  • One could set this machine up in a jiffy. It’s easy to get started with it for the first time.
  • I could weld with 2T or 4T mode using AHP AlphaTIG. Switching modes is easy as well.
  • HF or High Frequency start keeps you ahead of the curve by providing the power needed to weld tough metal objects.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • I’ll have to warn you about the foot pedal. It can be stiff for some people when starting out.
  • You’ll find this welding tool noisier than most of its rival models out there.

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process Welder

If the earlier Forney model is designed for single welding applications, this one goes a step (frankly, three) beyond. As the name suggests, it’s a multipurpose welder that takes care of Stick, MIG, and TIG welding for you. Yes, it works with DC current as well to make your lives easier.

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process Welder

However, you’ll not get access to TIG welding accessories with this. They are available, yes. The accessories will cost you additional money and effort to buy.

Like every Forney welder, this one comes with a metal case as well. The benefit of having such a case is immense. One won’t have to worry about physical damages or degrading over time.

The benefits won’t end here. Unlike the previous Forney welder on my list, you’ll have the privilege of doing gas and gasless welding on an equal footing. Not to mention, this little tool can hold 2 and 10-pound wires. One can use .35-inch wires with this machine without any hitches.

Get Forney Easy Weld 140 at Amazon

However, you’ll need a gas hose to facilitate gas welding. Unfortunately, these things aren’t included in the package. Just buy a gas hose (male fitting on each end) and a regulator.

If you’re into stick welding, this machine can take up to 1/8-inch stick electrodes.

When it comes to MIG welding, a 10-feet MIG gun will serve you well. It gives you ample room to work without moving the device too much. Of course, there’s a sturdy handle to help you move it when necessary. Forney Easy Weld 140 is moderate in weight, to begin with.

Now, with MIG welders, stability is the key. Of course, the guys at Forney know this as well. They included a ground clamp just for that purpose. As a result, people can weld things without shakeups.

Besides all this, users will have access to an anti-spatter gun, 9FV welding torch to set things ablaze, and a nozzle gel as well just to keep things under control in terms of heat and sparks.

I don’t know about you but I tried this product with generators as well. This is generator-friendly. BUT one needs to have a generator with 4500W output for it to function without interruptions.

The best part is, people have total control over everything. One can even control the welding wire’s speed, temperature output, and current level. This allows just the perfect welding down to a tee when the occasion needs it. I could be delicate when I wanted to and speedy when I needed to.

What I Like about the Product

  • One can do MIG, TIG, and Stick welding with this 3-in-1 welder from the guys at Forney.
  • This welder is lightweight just what you expect from a machine of this specific category.
  • This is one of the beginner-friendly machines from Forney with a detailed control panel.
  • With this, you can control the welding wire speed, welding temperature, and modes.
  • Forney provides a ground clamp with this to keep it stable when handling toughest of gigs.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • You won’t be able to use it in industrial or heavy-duty work of any kind.
  • People will have to buy TIG welding accessories separately as the makers didn’t include them.

VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire No Gas MIG 130 Welder Machine

Now, when it comes to the best cheap welder (just over $100) VIVOHOME gives others a stiff competition. It’s a flux core welder and doesn’t use gasses. The makers packed in a method to stop the oxidization of welded materials. That’s what prompted me to highlight this product on my list.

VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core Wire No Gas MIG 130 Welder

“So, how’s the gas released,” you ask?

It’s very simple. It uses flux core wires for welding. The same type of wire is used to let out inert gasses. The gasses don’t even touch the welded parts to cause oxidization. There, you have it.

I love the fact that makers used steel in the build of the casing. Clearly, they didn’t compromise with wear and tear protection to cut corners with the costs. The painted steel will protect inner housing from melting or acting up during the welding tasks. Go for long welding sessions worry-free.

Get VIVOHOME Portable Flux Core at Amazon

Speaking of the welding process, VIVOHOME Portable Welder is the perfect fit for hobbyist tasks and home welding gigs. People can weld on stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum without problems. It works well with automobile painting and fixing small parts of day-to-day accessories that we use.

The trick to achieving such precise control over welding is the speed maintaining mechanism. There’s a “Dial-in” knob at the back of the machine. Using it, one can switch through 10 different speeds easily. With this, you can weld light materials and thicker ones alike with flux core.

Welding speed control isn’t the only thing featuring at the back of the machine. You have current flow control as well. This lets you work in various conditions that otherwise wasn’t possible.

Precisely speaking, you have four levels of current control that regulate the voltage output you’re working with. With one push it can go to maximum from minimum. There’s one button that turns the machine off. Another one cuts the voltage output in half.

There’s a torch plug and overheat protection system as well. You can expect this to shut down whenever it gets too hot to handle for anyone. There’s a MIG input plug as well.

You have everything you’d ever need to weld like a true professional. There’s a safety control, a welding gun (of course, there is one), a grounding clamp, there’s a welding brush is in the package for maintenance, and a welding helmet is included as well.

What I Like about the Product

  • One can use is out of the box. The flux core wire is easy to handle and use while welding.
  • There’s a much needed overheat protection in place to prevent any mishaps or accidents.
  • Of course, you can control the welding speed with this machine. That too, without any effort.
  • The flux core wire releases gasses on its own to prevent any kind of deoxidization whatsoever.
  • I liked the casing with a strong build. It protects the inside from accidents and damages.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • This thing is specially made for welding thinner metals like stainless steel and aluminum.
  • One cannot operate this with AC mode of current. This is for DC mode of current only.

Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder

As we come down to the last product on my list, let’s talk about welding plastic with a cheap welder that fits your wallet. Polyvance 5700HT Mini is specifically designed to weld plastics with high melting points. I could weld nylon-made radiator tanks with ease using this piece of tech.

Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder

What you get is a welder with 200Amps output at its peak. The makers didn’t take anything out of the kit. This is a complete kit with everything you’ll need to weld without any issues just like the previous “Best Inexpensive Welder” candidates.

In fact, the makers went as far as providing you with instruction videos teaching you stuff about the welder in detail. Activating the videos is rather easy. Just scan the series of QR codes one by one.

I liked the fact that makers included two welding tips. Swapping them is a piece of cake. Not only that, I found as many as seven different welding rods inside to suit various types of plastic maintenance. I must say, I was in awe the first time after seeing the kit. It packs the punch. Literally.

Get Polyvance 5700HT Mini Weld at Amazon

If you ask me, “What do you like within the kit?” I’d like to tell you about the “Universal Welding Rod” that helps me weld the toughest of plastic materials out there.

With it, welding automotive plastic, TPO, TEO, and polypropylene. In short, this product welds everything plastic and welds them well.

Okay, before you get confused regarding which rod to use for what type of plastic, there’s a number on every type of plastic we buy (usually). Then you have a book included in the package. This book will guide you regarding which welding rod you need for the respective plastic.

Okay, but how good is the performance exactly? As it turns out, pretty good. The ceramic heating element you see dishes out 200Amps of power when properly heated. But you already knew that.

But did you know that you can actually replace the heating element when it wears out? Yes, you can! The heating element is rather cheap as well.

I noticed an interesting thing with Polyvance 5700HT. That is, it only draws 60 to 70 watts at first. Then, it gradually peaks up until it reaches about 121 watts. I could use a 100-watt inverter in sync with the tool. This gave me uninterrupted, clean electricity that keeps Polyvance 5700HT safe.

What I Like about the Product

  • I liked the fact that the makers didn’t take anything out from the kit. It arrives complete.
  • One can remove the temperature control from the main welder’s body to increase mobility.
  • You have as many as eight welding rods to take care of different types of plastic welding tasks.
  • The makers went as far as including QR code series with different instructions for us to learn.
  • You’ll also have two welding tips to swap between when you’re welding as per needs.

What I Don’t Like about the Product

  • It’s made for plastic welding, don’t expect it to be as durable as the others on my list.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure on it as different parts of the welder might detach.

How Did I Come up With These Products?

No matter how diverse my list of products looks (honestly, they are), there was always a plan and a definite approach to selecting these products. In this section, I’ll be spelling the beans and tell you about things that motivated me to choose these products.

  • The Type of Welding You’ll Do Plays A Vital Role

Budget welders won’t offer you that many bells and whistles. This is a well-known fact. When hunting for these objects, you need to be very careful about what you’re gonna do with it.

Decide whether you’re into TIG, MIG or Stick welding. This will help you by narrowing down the list of potential products. You can shorten it even further if you decide what metals you’re welding with the device (I’ll get to that later).

Very often, budget-friendly welders have the one functionality anyway. These are sort of a “Take it or Leave It” deal. It’s good to have a specific mode of welding in mind.

If you’re into handling metal welding tasks, my suggestion would be to go for MIG welders like the one from Forney for a good enough performance.

If you want to do lightweight metals or objects, go for TIG welders such as AHP AlphaTIG 200X. The machine welds in a quick time and without all the fuss that comes with these types of devices.

Of course, you’ll find multipurpose welders as well. These products do it all from TIG, MIG, and plastic welding to DIY projects at home. However, these machines will cost you a bit more.

  • I Considered Various Metals I Wanted to Weld

One thing to consider when buying a budget-friendly welder is the fact that not welders are made or meant to weld every metal there is on the face of the earth. Some machines are good for welding heavy metals. Others do the job well when it comes to lightweight materials.

Then, you have welding devices that work best with plastic. These devices don’t have the legs for metal welding and can be fragile when it comes to extreme conditions. One should think about what objects he/she’ll be tinkering with before he/she buys a machine.

When it comes to inexpensive welders, this is all the more vital. These types of welders don’t usually have the level of finesse that people expect from a professional machine. You need to come to terms with this fact and then commence searching products you can purchase.

  • I Looked at Some of the Toughest of Machines

I mean, in terms of design and durability. I must repeat the fact that people tend to cut corners in the making of cheap welders. They need to keep the overall cost down to match the user budget.

That’s why you see models that tread durability lightly. The housing of different parts is flimsy. I did my best to avoid such products and look for items that have a metal casing to keep the innards safe.

Go ahead and choose any product from my list. Alternatively, you can look for metal casing and different compartments that house motors, wires, and the control board. Make sure that they are well protected and have the necessary safety precautions installed when buying.

  • The Machine Needs to Be Easy to Handle

To be honest with you, low-end welding machines aren’t that complicated, to begin with. You’ll have a hands-on guide of some kind to explainer videos (like the one for Polyvance Plastic Welder) with the ideal ones. Always check for manuals or instructions when purchasing a product.

Budget-friendly or affordable welders are generally aimed at beginners. They do have some sort of dumbed-down instructions. However, once in a blue moon you’ll find products that cut corners by not including a manual with the package. Avoid them altogether.

Another aspect of “Easy Operation” is having a simple yet detailed control panel. Users should have a clear idea about the functionalities of any given product.

Yes, you won’t have extra options like some of the prized possessions of professionals. But things like voltage and temperature regulators, overheat protection mechanism safety switch, and torch wraps should be there to ensure a flawless operation.

  • My Machines Perform in Low-Amp Current

Look: It’s natural for makers to provide products that work with high amperage when they’re at the peak of their game. You’ll find welding tools that grant superlative performances at 200Amps or more. The idea is to charge more for higher amps. With me, things are different.

I look at things from a different perspective. The products I use should give me constant output even when the current flow is at its lowest. The tools should be able to do the job even when the amp count is around 45 – 60. This is where you get the idea of the mettle of your tool.

Now, people have this general idea that “Cheap” machines are basically downgrades of popular brands when it comes to quality. This is not the case. Look hard enough and you’ll notice that some of the best inexpensive welders provide greater output than their expensive counterparts.

  • I measured the Duty Cycle of the Machines

If I had to explain “Duty Cycle” to you people in simple term, I’d say, “A duty cycle is the amount of time for which a machine remains operational with normal workload.”

Naturally, I measured the duty cycle of each of these tools before compiling my list. For me, the ideal duty cycle for welding machinery lingers between 60 – 100%. This is what you guys would call, “My Bar for Performance.” You’ll rarely find machines with 100% duty cycle. These machines are beasts.

No matter how much load you put on these devices, they’ll turn up for a flawless performance each time when it counts. Try to go as high as you can in terms of the percentage while choosing your own product. Be mindful of the fact that the longer a tool performs at its peak, the hotter it gets.

  • Check if The Device You Choose is Safe or Not?

If you’re read the piece till now, you know what I’m talking about. The welding tools need to have an “Overload” or “Overheating” protection system at work. Thankfully, the products I’ve used, have that. These things shut down automatically when up against rising temperatures or current flow.

High-end products have gas tanks or some other mechanism to stop gradual corrosion of the welded materials. Generally, you’ll not find such things in the cheaper versions. However, I tracked down one or two machines that come with torch wraps and venting systems to keep oxidization at bay.

This cools the tool to a certain level as well. You won’t end up burning yourselves during the process.

I must tell you; it pays well, in the long run, to look for UL and other safety certificates.

More often than not there’ll be region-based certificates or safety instructions in place. Check for those just to be sure when buying one for yourselves. My advice would be to wear protection jackets when welding things for your own safety. This acts as the extra layer when welding.

  • I Looked at the Wire Capacity of My Tools

A crucial fact to look into is the wire feed. Welding machines have spools that hold welding wire. The capacity of such spools can vary from product to product and brand to brand. Take note of your workload and get a fix on how much wire you need for that.

While coming up with the list, I was weight conscious. Bigger wire spools need larger spaces inside the machines. Ultimately, it increases total weight. This, in turn, affects the mobility and portability of the tool. I wouldn’t recommend heavy machinery if you’re a beginner. Make your choice wisely.

  • Consider the Price of Your Possession

I know, I’m writing about the cheap welders out there. But the definition of “Cheap” differs from category to category. For example, some TIG welders can be more expensive compared to MIG welders and vise-Versa. Welders that work with plastic are cheaper than TIG or MIG machines.

The same thing can be said in the case of the same categories as well. For example, different models of the Forney franchise can and will have different price tags. Some tools come with welding consumables. For others, you might need to buy several attachments or consumables.

Try and optimize your budget in a way that the product performs at a level you desire.

  • Other Features I Paid Attention To

When choosing these devices, I looked into the type of electricity I have access to. Some machines work well with AC current. Others are more suited to DC. Look at the place of welding and what type of current flow the place has/needs. Choose the machine-specific to your place.

Luckily, many of the products on this list go well with AC and DC current. So, you don’t need to worry. Then again, it’s best to consider the options in your workplace.

Portability is a big thing for me. A portable cheap welder is the ideal choice to make if you have to frequently move around or travel. People who do construction stuff or are repairmen should look for a well-built handle in their machines. Choose a lightweight welding machine to lessen your strain.

Although it plays a minor role in the purchase, but do consider the “Noise” factor of the machine you choose. You guys will find some silent welders even when the budget is limited.

Wrapping Things Up

If you’re thinking of venturing into the world of welding, there are preparations involved. 50% of it is buying the accessories needed. Another 50% is how well you know your craft. Initially, it’s good to look for the best budget-friendly welding machines to get the hang of the work and maintenance.

Hopefully, my article will prove helpful when recommending some low-cost welders that you seek. Want my advice for a shortcut? Take note of what you intend to do and choose the machine that best suits your needs from the list. You won’t regret buying one!

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