7 Best TIG Welders For Smooth And Fine Results

Metalworking is a broad field that can be tricky to navigate, but a good place to start would be with TIG welders. TIG welders are generally used for delicate jobs, like welding on round objects or on tricky surfaces. They’re often used to produce everything from vehicles to bicycles. But there are a ton of […]

Best Flux Core Welder: Learn What to Buy and What to Avoid

If you’re looking to upgrade your handyman game and buy a welding machine, it’s hard to pass up on a reliable flux core welder. These welding machines boast tremendous advantages compared to MIG and TIG tools. And for home repairs and hobby projects, you’ll find flux core more than adequate. Even better, most flux core […]

10 Best MIG Welders in 2021 – Review & Buying Guide

Metalwork has played a significant part in the collective development of the modern world—but it’s not just used for making infrastructure! Metal work can be used for art, science, or industrial trade; the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Today you can even learn how to manipulate metal in the comfort of your […]

10 Best Plasma Cutters For Casual And Professional Use

Mankind has been using tools to advance our civilisation live for thousands of years. In fact, some studies show that our work on toolmaking goes further back than language—which just indicates just how central tools are in our lives. We are lucky to be living in a time where we can build on the knowledge […]

Your One-Stop Guide to the Best Stick Welder in 2021

No matter how good you are with a welder in your hand, outdoor welding is still a challenge. You need constant stream of power, and a machine with utmost efficiency. An inverter stick welder or “Stick Welder” for short is the obvious answer. These machines penetrate metal without fail without wind interruptions. Regardless of your […]

8 Best Multi Process Welders in 2021

It used to be that you’d need two, three, sometimes four machines to weld the metals and materials found in fabrication shops and hobbyist garages. That meant buying peripherals that fit each machine and enough room to keep the assortment of tools needed to run and maintain them. What a headache! In the last few […]

7 Best Plastic Welders in Business to Take Care of Quick Fixes for You

If I tell you to name day-to-day materials that are brittle in nature, what’d the answer be? Let me answer it for you: Plastic. Yet, this is one material we’ve made a constant part of our lives. Naturally, plastic materials are things we can’t live without. In the cases, they age, get brittle, and break […]